The Box (and other stories)

This is the Box
This is what’s inside the Box
This is the Box being decorated…
And this is the boys’ newly rearranged and
organized bedroom. They finally have a play area!

I have managed to keep myself (and the boys) busy for the past two days since I declared my boredom and loneliness! Yesterday we took a trip to the downtown library where S and Z had a blast picking out lots of books. Today I spent the morning rearranging the boys room. I got an Amazon gift card from my sister (thank you, Gretchen!) and picked out the shelf with the colored bins you see above. The boys’ toys were scattered in every room of the house, it seemed, so I really needed something to help organize them. I really like my new arrangement. They have a whole corner in their room to play! And my living room looks neater now, too:) They are still having a blast playing with all of their toys that they haven’t seen in “so long.” And even just rearranging them to a different room makes them all exciting again, too!
Today was a LONG day. Thank goodness for bedtime! I think Samuel might really be missing Ben and our families because he’s been having a rough couple of days. He’s been acting out a lot which isn’t normal for him. He was SO good in Columbus and I never had to give him a time out but since we’ve been back it’s been a different story. I feel bad for him and frustrated all at the same time! He antagonizes Zakkai which makes Zakkai scream (which he was already doing in the first place), which makes him bug Z more, which makes Z scream louder…..You can see why the days seem long! We miss you, Ben! Come back soon!! (For my sanity!)
Oh, and the Box! That box is from the shelf and bins that I ordered and it instantly became a toy! What better than a giant box??!! Samuel and Zakkai hide in it, read books in it, this afternoon ate a snack and watched a cartoon in it and decorated it:) Anyone ever read “Christina Katerina and the Box”?? (If you’re in my family, you’d better say yes!) It’s a book by my great aunt that is a wonderful story of a little girl’s imagination with a giant box. I love that book!


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