My name is….

My name is Samuel. Let me tell you about myself

*I LOVE my trains and play with them all day
*I love to talk and sometimes talk my mommy’s
ear off, whatever that means
*I love being a big boy
*I love to play outside and go down the slide and
*I love my giraffees
*I am really into playing with legos and building
construction trucks
*I like to boss my little brother around because
he’s a stinker
*My favorite foods are: oatmeal with frozen
blueberries (I could eat it every morning!),
cheese, cracker, bananas with peanut butter,
any kind of fruit, muffins and special drinks
*I LOVE my daddy and want to be just like him!
*I am sweet and sensitive but I’m also the boss
when mommy isn’t paying attention because
big boys know what babies shouldn’t be doing!

My name is Zakkai. Let me tell you about myself:

*I am 18 months old going on terrible 2

*I am ornery

*I have a buddha belly

*I love to scream

*I love to laugh

*I am talking a lot

*I love to try on shoes (it doens’t matter whose)

*I love to look at myself in the mirror

*My favorite foods are: cheese, crackers, yogurt

milk, noodles and green beans (mommy’s

happy about that)

*I am a stinker as my brother reminds me all

the time

*I love to do puzzles and snuggle with stuffed


*I love life and exploring everything in it!
*And I LOVE blankies or “ray” as I call them!


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