Lahmacun and Family Art

This afternoon, we spend a happy chunk of time creating a family masterpiece!!!! Decorated by the very artistic Thomas family! What do you think? Should we frame it? Sell it? Perhaps we should give out art lessons! We’ve got some future Picasso’s on our hands, I think:)

I know mine isn’t the most interesting blog to read. As a matter of fact, I’d like to post more often and tell you about the wonderful exciting adventures in the Thomas household….except there aren’t many:) So I’ll just tell you what we’ve been up to: We have been taking walks to parks, the lake: the boys love to watch the boats, the Adler Planetarium, the zoo….

A friend made cupcakes for our housegroup last week and very thoughtfully gave us two to set aside for Samuel and Zakkai. This was a RARE treat since our “dessert” usually consists of fruit (okay, okay, I should say “their” dessert. Mine just might be more like…ice cream…) They were so excited to eat these! Samuel licked all the chocolate icing off and then inhaled the cupcake; Zakkai inspected the cupcake suspiciously (he hates bread) but the second he got a lick of that chocolate….it didn’t take him long to eat it! (see picture)

Zakkai is talking SO much! Pretty much every

phrase that he says begins with the word “No” or “Uh-Oh.” For example: Me: “Zakkai, do you want to eat breakfast?” Zakkai: “No. No, bwekfass!” Me: “Zakkai, it’s time for bed!” Zakkai: “No bed!” Anyone wonder why I am afraid for this child to turn TWO??!! He’s adorable though and I could just eat him up despite the fact that he’s so busy I need about 6 pairs of eyes to watch him:) And today for some reason, he has started adding and “A” on the end of every word. No idea why! He kind of sounds Italian;) Maybe another language buff in the making!
Samuel, the ever smart 3 year old, is

coming up with more and more clever ways to outsmart us! He thinks he is sneaky but what he doesn’t know (please don’t tell him yet) is that his brilliant mother and father have been at this a wee bit longer and just might outsmart him! For instance: At dinnertime (what is it with kids and their food!) he will decide suddenly after enjoying some tasty morsels of food that he doesn’t like it anymore. It could be that there is a green speck in it that too closely resembles a vegetable…who knows. So he will set down his fork, put on a very stubborn face (he gets that from Ben, I’m sure) and will tell us that he is “reawy” (really) tired and wants to go to bed. Hmm….wants to go to
bed at 5:30pm? I don’t think so….

And tonight my dearest husband, who has been raving over certain delicacies he had in Turkey, decided to make us some authentic, made-from-scratch Turkish food! The result (see picture) was Lahmacun (LaH-ma-joon). Homemade pita bread and on top is a mixture of ground lamb, tomatoes, garlic, onions, paprika, fresh parsley, and salt….baked in the oven and voila! I admit, I was suspicious but it was….good! Even Zakkai devoured it and kept asking for more! It was crispy on the edges and a little spicy. I must say, I am very impressed with my husband! What’s next? Homemade Bakhlava?!


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