Apple Picking!

Samuel and daddy pick apples
Zakkai and his “heawy” bag

My Three Men

Today we nearly got eaten alive at the apple orchard. Oh yes, I am not kidding! I think the mosquitos almost carried Zakkai away until we caught him just in time! It must have been the heavy bag of apples that weighted him to the ground:)

We have been anxiously awaiting apple-picking season for a year now! We found a wonderful apple orchard tucked away in Indiana last year (yes, even good things come from Indiana). We had so much fun last year. Samuel picked rotten apples off the ground and put them in his own special bag and we threw them each out everytime he turned around (shhh..) and then….before we got in our car and headed home, we bought two lonely donuts to split between us all on the drive. Only two…sigh. We broke the cinnamon sugary crusted apple cinnamon doughnut in half and raised a morsel to our mouths only to be blown away by the moistness, the flavor, the incredible melt-in-your mouth texture. Hurriedly we crammed the doughnuts in our mouths, only stopping to share a small bite with Samuel (I know! You are thinking what selfish parents we are!!) We didn’t think the frosted pumpkin doughnut could be as good until….we got our first taste of the orange colored delicassy. Oh my, who knew that doughnuts could be so good?!!

And so….for one very long year, we have been anxiously awaiting apple-picking season. Oh yes, we love the apples and everything that you can make with them: apple butter, applesauce, apple pancakes, apple cake, apple muffins, and don’t forget the apple pie! But even through all the pleasures we get out of these yummy apple-licous treats…….we cannnot forget those doughnuts…..


4 thoughts on “Apple Picking!

  1. Hi All, Well I finally figured this thing out. I loved your blog about going apple picking What fun is that. It brings back memories when we all would go to lynns apple farm picking. I love doughnuts. It makes me want to go right over to the dur and get a apple fritter. Love You Grandma


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