Wordless Wednesday!!

Here’s a picture that requires few words………….


Not Me, Mondays!!

I saw this clever idea on another blog (http://www.mycharmingkids.net/)…or two….I wish I could claim it as my own idea…but I can’t. So here it goes….

I was definitely not grumpy this past weekend. I did not say that I don’t like Saturdays and then escape the house all on my own during naptime. I didn’t drive through terrible traffic and wander around JoAnn Fabrics all alone. I definitely didn’t enjoy getting out by myself. You can bet I did not sneak a piece of my son’s caramel apple when he wasn’t looking after church yesterday. And this morning I assuredly did not hit the snooze button and skip my morning workout. I was not at all cold this morning when I headed out with the boys to an appt. We were not almost late as usual since I am always perfectly on time. I did not come back and make my children a healthy lunch of grilled cheese (there were veggies, too!) and get irked when Zakkai did not throw his on the floor. I definitely did not eat a few small bites of the unwanted grilled cheese. I didn’t hold my precious sons in my arms and rock with them and read them a story and it sure wasn’t a story that I picked because I wanted to hear it more than they did…
I did not sigh with relief when my sweet angels were tucked into their respective beds for a nap and I am not wasting my limited quiet time of the day messing around on the computer instead of cleaning or doing something productive…I am not sitting here wishing I had some chocolate to nibble on as I am not fighting to keep my eyes open….I am not!

Two Little Tiggers….

Two little orange and black Tiggers
soft and furry,
crawling in a hurry,
Two little orange and black Tiggers.
They stop to stare in the mirror
and smile from ear to ear
Two little orange and black Tiggers.
They wrestle and fight,
with their toddler might,
Two little orange and black Tiggers.
Ferocious little faces
and fat soft places,
Two little orange and black Tiggers.
I wouldn’t trade them in for money
cause they are my own sweet little honey (s)
Two little orange and black Tiggers.

My Little Buckeyes:)

We may not live in Columbus anymore but we try to instill the buckeye pride in our sons! They, of course, have no idea what in the world we’re talking about when we tell them to say, “Go, Bucks!!” but they humored me on Saturday by posing for pictures….sort of:)
Here’s our little spunkmeister wearing my boots that I dug out from my shoe box (and have had for like 8 years!) He is so funny and makes us laugh all the time! He had the biggest smile on his face when we took his picture!
Here’s my little helper! My sweet Samuel wants to help me do EVERYTHING! He dusts, he sweeps, he cooks and washes dishes. Because of his recent interest in helping, I promised him we’d make cookies together and we finally did yesterday. I specifically bought red sugar so he could decorate the cookies in his most favorite color (since everything has to be red these days!!) He was a good helper and the cookies are good, too!
My heart swells at moments like this when I can capture my babies on camera without them noticing. They are so very precious to me. I love everything about them: from their soft blond hair and big blue eyes to their sweet little toes:) From their sweet high pitched voices and their baby laughter to their unique personalities. I never imagined I would be blessed with two precious children…and boys to boot! The quiet moments when I can watch them, enjoy them and memorize them don’t happen very often (usually when they are sleeping) but I store these precious times in my heart to pull out later and think over the incredibly precious, sweet, innocent, amazing gifts God has graciously blessed me with. Thank you, Lord!

A 3 year old’s logic is frankly, hilarious! We love to listen to Samuel talk about or explain things. Often, they make no sense! Especially when we ask him “Why?” questions…but he’s fun to listen to:)

We were driving to the store yesterday and he was noticing the changing leaves on the trees. He decided then that he could look at the red trees (b/c it’s his FAV color!), I could look at the yellow trees (my Fav), Daddy got the green trees (again, fav color) and Zakkai could have the orange trees (the leftovers:) So after we run through all of those colors, he says:

“Who’s favorite color is blue?

Me: “Mugga’s favorite color is blue.”

Samuel: “Who’s favorite color is purple?”

Me: “Charity and Grandma’s favorite color is purple.”

Samuel: “Well, who’s favorite color is pink?!” I rack my brain but cannot think of anyone.

Me: “I don’t know who’s favorite color is pink, Samuel. Who do you think likes pink?” He thinks

seriously for a minute and then says,

“Papa’s favorite color is pink!!” I lost it and laughed the rest of the way to the store. If you have ever seen Papa, who is a hard workin’, Plain City man, you would know that pink is NOT is favorite color! All I could think about was that pink clashes with his reddish beard!

Papa and Samuel

Mommy moments…

I have a bonified medical condition called….mommy-brain. And I’m not the only one out there that has it either (as scary as that is!) I find myself forgetting how to spell or say the simplest words and I always was a great speller(!!!), I cannot remember ANYTHING anymore: I forget to call or email people, forget about remembering appointments and I’m lucky I can remember my children’s names! I have to make lists for everything, including lists to remember my lists!! Never in my life have I been so good about marking things on my calendar: Birthdays? Appts? Events?
Being a mother is, at times, very humbling. Your child could have a screaming tantrum in a store (been there, done that), could say something personal very loudly in public (done that, too!) or you could experience what I experienced today. I have no idea where little boys pick up their nasty habits. Really, I have NO idea because I have no brothers and never thought I’d be a “boy-mom!” So, Samuel has picked up the habit of spitting lately and he when he wakes up and is waiting for me to come in, he spits on the floor and on the bookshelf at the end of the bed….I have stepped in it! He spits out on the playground. It’s disgusting!! And today, we were visiting a friend and just before we walked out of her door, he SPIT on her floor!!! Right on the rug! I was SO mortified! I made him apologize and gave him a very long, stern lecture and warning of punishment when we got back downstairs. I mean, spitting on someone else’s floor??!! I am so thankful to still have her friendship! Boys!
And before I think too much of these nasty boy-things, I will tell you some cute things the boys have been up to. Zakkai has started to count. He surprised me the other day by chiming in when we were counting with Samuel and beating us to the number 4! You forget that he’s listening sometimes:) I already mentioned how much he is talking and one of my favorite words that he says is “monkey” because he says, “bonkey-me”. It makes me laugh everytime!
Samuel’s imagination has been growing! We make up stories together now and the other night made up one about a bear. We asked Samuel to choose the bear’s name. After much thought and deliberation, he chose “Fred.” So then a minute into the story, we get to Fred bear’s little brother and we have to choose a name for him too. It didn’t take long for Samuel to decide that Fred Bear’s little brother would be called…”Hoteywater……” Yes, I am not exactly sure where that name came from but we had quite a grand story with Fred and Hoteywater:) He also makes up words randomly and when asked what they mean, comes up with the most elaborate meanings you’ve ever heard! For example, the other day he came up with the word “chibidibadoo” which (according to this 3 year old) means “that the construction vehicles are resting and they aren’t working and they go in the parking lot and …” Wow, we’ll all have some big vocabulary here soon! Too bad no one else will understand us:)
Samuel is also really wants to help me these days. He wants to wash the dishes (yes!) and help cook. He made rice last night and chose our dinner veggie and actually ate all of his dinner (praise, the Lord!!) I must take full advantage of this phase before it leaves! I keep telling him that we’ll make cookies together. Maybe that’s a good activity for a fall weekend;)

Playing, sickness, the lake and breakfast for dinner:)

Boys playing at Museum of Science and Industry
Driving the John Deere together
Me and My boys (yes, I know that’s not proper grammar!)
Breakfast for Dinner
The boys are recovering from being sick this past week. They caught the same cold that about 1.2 billion of the population had! We, if you read my last post, had a few rough days but the boys are doing much better. We went to the Museum on Thursday with a friend and the boys had a blast! They spent most of their time in the Idea Factory, a place set aside for young children to explore different things like balls in water, air, etc. And of course, we made a run through the “train room” which is Samuel’s favorite room, as I have been informed.
The weather was so beautiful this weekend so we walked down to the lake with the boys. They have so much fun looking for boats, bird and planes and just walking.
We had our second installment of our newest family tradition:Breakfast for Dinner! We, once again, ate dinner (or breakfast:) in our pj’s, which Samuel thinks is GREAT fun! How silly to have us mommy and daddy in their pajamas, too! This week we had eggs, maple sausage links, watermelon, apples and creamy pumpkin filled biscuits. Mmmmm… It was really good! It’s fun to prepare it and actually look forward to dinner, knowing I won’t be getting any fights from the boys about eating. I KNOW there are many other moms out there who experience the food-fights with their kids. I wish, oh how I WISH, I could get through one whole day with no complaining about food! I am storing up this information to remind myself and the boys when they are teenagers and I won’t be able to get them to stop eating!!