Apple Dumplings and Family Traditions

Last night I made some made-from-scratch old fashioned apple dumplings. Can we say YUM??!!! I found the recipe on line and immediately decided they looked worth trying. Forget the store bought pie crust (which is a cuss word to say around my mom!), these were made with our secret family pie crust recipe. And these apple dumplings are baked in a rich cinnamon, vanilla sauce. Oh, I am drooling now! They were so rich that we had to split one. We either need to give some away or we’ll come home really fat at Thanksgiving!
And now for family traditions! I grew up with lots of family traditions like: apple picking each fall, shopping at ungodly hours the morning after Thanksgiving, cutting down our own Christmas tree, etc. I really treasure family traditions and would like to have some to pass down to our children. A simple tradition that we are starting is once a week we are having breakfast for dinner! I think it’ll be on Saturday night each week and tonight is the first night! We are having Country Sausage, Cheddar and Apple Bake (sounded interesting to me!), Fruit and either Apple bread or a cinnamon swirl bread. The point is to have fun and create a fun memory for our children and maybe even a tradition that they’ll want to pass on. Maybe we’ll even have our dinner in our pjs:) I’ll let you know how it turns out! What family traditions do you have?

2 thoughts on “Apple Dumplings and Family Traditions

  1. Sure wish we lived there…I could devour a few of those for you! 🙂I love your blog, and your stories. It’s so sweet to hear what they’re saying–I LOVE Samuel’s “these guys”. So cute. How wonderful to have boys that are such good friends. I pray for this too. “these guys” love and miss you.


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