“Now know AC, know!” That’s what Zakkai sings over and over again when we sing the “ABC’s!” He is quite a talker now. He knows how to tell us what he wants and how to ask for help. It has definitely helped in the screaming department (although we still get to enjoy screaming episodes on occasion) and he has the cutest little voice:) One funny thing we’ve noticed is that he has started saying, “Mommy what? Mommy what?” We think it’s because everytime the boys call for me, I say, “What?” So now Zakkai just answers for me!

Samuel has been napping less and less and it frightens me terribly! He has always been a great napper and doesn’t fight at all with going down but in the past week he stays awake until close to the end of naptime and then when I go to wake him up at 3pm, he’s asleep! Drives me crazy! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO not ready to give up naptime. I need that rest time, too! (so I can do things like posting on my blog:) Even if he doesn’t sleep everyday, I will still make him go rest because otherwise I just may lose whatever sanity I have left! He is growing so quickly and becomes more adult-like each week. He is very logical when talking to Ben or I, is very helpful with pointing out all the crazy, forbidden things Zakkai does (which is a lot), and enjoys spending lots of time on more bigger boy activities like painting, playing with the small legos, lincoln logs, learning to write his name, learning to read! I think this year will be so fun with him now that we can reason with him and he is getting so independent. But my mother heart is also so sad to see that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Each year that goes by his legs grow a little longer, his desire to cuddle grows a little less and he needs a little less help with things but for now, I kiss those still-baby soft cheeks as often as I can (even as he wipes them off!), steal hugs and enjoy his sweet high pitched voice. He’ll always be my baby:)

Samuel~age 2 1/2 weeks

The other day my stomach was hurting so bad and Samuel climbed up on the couch where I was resting for a minute and he said, “Mommy, does your tummy hurt?” I told him, “Yes” it did and then he said, “Mommy, I’m gonna pway for you wight now. Dear Lord Jesus, please help mommy’s tummy feel better. Amen!” Then he leans over and peers into my face and says, “Mommy, is it all better yet?!” How could I tell him anything but yes! And you know what? Within a few minutes, it really did feel better! God must love the prayers of sweet children.

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