Playing, sickness, the lake and breakfast for dinner:)

Boys playing at Museum of Science and Industry
Driving the John Deere together
Me and My boys (yes, I know that’s not proper grammar!)
Breakfast for Dinner
The boys are recovering from being sick this past week. They caught the same cold that about 1.2 billion of the population had! We, if you read my last post, had a few rough days but the boys are doing much better. We went to the Museum on Thursday with a friend and the boys had a blast! They spent most of their time in the Idea Factory, a place set aside for young children to explore different things like balls in water, air, etc. And of course, we made a run through the “train room” which is Samuel’s favorite room, as I have been informed.
The weather was so beautiful this weekend so we walked down to the lake with the boys. They have so much fun looking for boats, bird and planes and just walking.
We had our second installment of our newest family tradition:Breakfast for Dinner! We, once again, ate dinner (or breakfast:) in our pj’s, which Samuel thinks is GREAT fun! How silly to have us mommy and daddy in their pajamas, too! This week we had eggs, maple sausage links, watermelon, apples and creamy pumpkin filled biscuits. Mmmmm… It was really good! It’s fun to prepare it and actually look forward to dinner, knowing I won’t be getting any fights from the boys about eating. I KNOW there are many other moms out there who experience the food-fights with their kids. I wish, oh how I WISH, I could get through one whole day with no complaining about food! I am storing up this information to remind myself and the boys when they are teenagers and I won’t be able to get them to stop eating!!


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