A 3 year old’s logic is frankly, hilarious! We love to listen to Samuel talk about or explain things. Often, they make no sense! Especially when we ask him “Why?” questions…but he’s fun to listen to:)

We were driving to the store yesterday and he was noticing the changing leaves on the trees. He decided then that he could look at the red trees (b/c it’s his FAV color!), I could look at the yellow trees (my Fav), Daddy got the green trees (again, fav color) and Zakkai could have the orange trees (the leftovers:) So after we run through all of those colors, he says:

“Who’s favorite color is blue?

Me: “Mugga’s favorite color is blue.”

Samuel: “Who’s favorite color is purple?”

Me: “Charity and Grandma’s favorite color is purple.”

Samuel: “Well, who’s favorite color is pink?!” I rack my brain but cannot think of anyone.

Me: “I don’t know who’s favorite color is pink, Samuel. Who do you think likes pink?” He thinks

seriously for a minute and then says,

“Papa’s favorite color is pink!!” I lost it and laughed the rest of the way to the store. If you have ever seen Papa, who is a hard workin’, Plain City man, you would know that pink is NOT is favorite color! All I could think about was that pink clashes with his reddish beard!

Papa and Samuel

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  1. Loved the color story. It made me think what is my true favorite colors. I came up with blue and yellow. As I look around my home its all blue and yellow. “da”


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