Tiggers Trick or Treating!

Daddy helps the Tiggers get some candy..

Mommy holds her ornery tiggers

Our friend Luka the Lion
Last night, as a last minute decision, we decided to take our Tiggers trick or treating! It was their very first time (and mine, too!) and they had a blast! There is a street here that purposely has trick or treating for little kids and almost everyone decorates their house, dresses up and sits on their front porch to hand out candy to the bumblebees, lions, ladybugs and tiggers:) We got a lot of smiles and exclamations over the “two little tiggers!” One lady who was handing out candy, exclaimed in her british accent, “Oh, a tigger! Oh, double tiggers!!”
The boys were so happy about their candy! They each had a bucket which Samuel would silently hand out to the candy-giver. Zakkai just hung on to his bucket for dear life and looked totally confused about what we were doing! He did spy his very favorite piece of candy in his bucket though, which was a blue sucker! He tried several times to eat it through the wrapper:) Finally on the way home the boys each got to choose A piece of candy. Samuel chose a snickers and Zakkai chose…the blue sucker, of course! They were very happy, albeit messy, little Tiggers!!


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