Our Weekend!

We Cried

We Laughed
We played

We were silly
Yesterday was the LOOOOOOOOONGEST day ever! The boys were so messed up! They woke up just after 6am and I was so confused when I looked at the clock and couldn’t figure out why they were up so EARLY until….it penetrated my poor confused brain, that the time changed! So the boys were off their schedule all day (as I’m sure every other child was!). They ate at weird times, slept at weird times, played at weird times….But we had lots of fun. We built a tent/fort just like my sisters and I used to do growing up!! We did an art project and made masks and had lots of “sprinkles” to clean up off the floor, we played trains, read books…..and still the day did not end!
Today they were up even earlier! At 5:30am, I heard the first murmurings coming across the monitor. Why, oh why!! Today was long but so beautiful outside! Samuel and Zakkai were so funny today so there was lots of laughter AND to make the day even better, they consumed a huge quantity of vegetables today!! I will mark this day down in history….just in case it doesn’t happen again. Veggies for lunch and veggies for dinner! It’s a kind of day I strive for all too often! Ah, the food-battles…
Zakkai has discovered that he likes dipping sauces such as ketchup and pizza sauce! Sometimes, he just wants the sauce and not the dippeešŸ™‚ He’s getting a little pickier though as he ages, unfortunately. He won’t touch a lot of bread, grilled cheese (no child but mine!), certain cereals….drives me crazy! But another thing that is really developing in him that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is compassion. He was very upset when I was cutting Samuel’s hair last week and Samuel was screaming (that’s another story!) and kept trying to pull my hand away and make me stop and kept looking up into Samuel’s face and crying with him. And when he has heard Samuel cry at all in the past few days, he listens intently and gets a worried look on his face and says, “Sad. Samel cwy.” He wants to be close to Samuel and feels his pain with him. It’s so endearing to see how much he loves his “Samel.”
And Samuel is up to his regular funny stuff! His logic cracks us up! His nose has been running since his cold a couple of weeks ago and he wipes it constantly and carries around a “soft cwoff” (a burb cloth) everywhere he goes. Tonight we were getting the boys ready for bed and Samuel ran into our room buck naked and said (as he ran by),
“My nose is running, my nose is running!” Ben chased him into the corner and I said,
“Oh no! You’d better go catch it!” (okay, silly joke, I know!) So Ben said,

“Where is your nose running to?” And Samuel said,
“My nose is running to the cwoff!!”(cloth) We laughed and laughed! He surprises us when he makes such a quick comeback!
And Samuel is really into asking “why” questions these days. “Why is the rain wet?” “Why is thunderstorm coming?” “Why does this (name of food) have this color in it?” “Why? Why? Why?” And it’s funny because only recently I was thinking about how he never asked or answered why questions! As you can see they are not easy questions either! We come up with the best answers we can or just say…because! Being a parent makes you realize how not smart you are! It’s a very humbling experience!
My last memory of the day is hearing my little boy giggle and giggle with pure joy in their hearts. Samuel won a bouncy ball from his prize bucket tonight and those two had a BLAST throwing and trying to catch this little ball! I LOVE the sounds of their childish-baby laughter!

One thought on “Our Weekend!

  1. The making a tent brought back memories I always did that for your Mother and Aunts and Uncle Mike. Such fun that was. I know that kept your boys busy for a little while. Its not easy to think of things to do in the cold months. Our prayers are always with you.


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