My boys

My Samuel. You are such a bright little boy. Always figuring out ways to get what you want and getting cleverer by the day! You are going to be so much like your daddy. We think you will do great in school because you just soak up the things we teach you! But it might be hard to keep you challenged because that’s what happens when you’re so smart! You also happen to be incredibly funny:) You make me laugh especially at dinner time and when we spend one on one time together. You are always looking at me or at daddy to see what our reaction is to the funny thing you are saying. Always making up silly words that make no sense and using your crazy 3 year old logic!

I love to hear you teach Zakkai how to talk and say words. You are going to be a teacher like daddy maybe:) Although I wish you would only teach Zakkai good things instead of ornery things, too! You are a good big brother and SO happy to have a playmate. Always take good care of your little brother!

You might be a big boy of 3 years old but you still L-O-V-E your giraffees! There is nothing that can bring a smile to your face and melt your heart quicker than the sound or sight of your precious “Best fwiends!” And when I peek in on you at night time, you are always cuddled up close to your buddies, looking so peaceful and happy. Oh the life of a three year old!
You have a wonderful laugh that makes me smile and such beautiful blue eyes that I love to look into. I love to stroke your soft cheek and kiss your spiky blond hair. And I love that you still have that calic that you were born with on the right side of your forehead. It’s a stubborn little calic, just like you!! I was quizzing you the other day on what my name was and your name was and how old you were while we were driving and you, very decidedly, told me your name was “Schmuwic!” just like daddy calls you:) (Schmulic) You don’t like it when anyone calls you “Sam”, you insist on your full name. And that’s fine with me, sweet Samuel, because we LOVE your name! You are a bright, sweet, sensitive and very stubborn little boy and I wouldn’t trade you for the world! I love you, Samuel Benjamin.

And you, my crazy sweet little Zakkai! You captured my heart even before you were born and have held it captive since! I love, love, love your orneryness and your spunk! You do everything with such a great big smile that it is IMPOSSIBLE for me not to smile back! Even when you’re doing something you shouldn’t! I definitely should be harder on you sometimes but man, it’s so hard to get stern with you when you are so full of joy!

You have been loud from the minute you were born, which drives your daddy crazy! But now you don’t scream nearly as much as you used to and you are talking so well! It’s so fun to hear Samuel teaching you how to say words. I love that you have named yourself now. I love to hear you ask for things now. “Peaz have cwacker Kai!” We used to call you “Baby Kai” when you were little and before Samuel could say your name and now you call yourself “Kai.” So sweet.
You can’t stay angry very long. You try to give me little scowls and grumpy looks when things aren’t going your way but it doesn’t last long because all I have to do is smile at you or imitate you and immediately the sunshine is out again!

You are very persistent and it’s hard to get you to stop doing thing like, closing the doors!!! I’m sure that quality will come in handy someday but for now it just drives us crazy!! You are so sweet and love to snuggle and be with mommy. You are so obsessed with your blankies or “rays” as you call them and it’s amazing how fast the sight or touch of your blankies can comfort you. I have always wondered how such a tiny finger can make you happy, but it does!
You are beautiful and I love your chubbiness, your bright, happy, blue, blue eyes and soft blond hair. You are special and unique and bring joy to our lives. I love you, Zakkai Nathaniel.


3 thoughts on “My boys

  1. I wish I could take some of the credit for having married such a wonderful wife and mother, as the blog makes evident, but as you all know, I cannot take any credit at all.


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