Wanted: The Leader: Sneaky-Eyed Samuel
For: Sneaking out of bed and jumping in laundry
Description: The leader of the pack; he’s big-stuff and
easily lures young innocent brothers into his schemes! He’s
blond haired, blue-eyed and looks a lot like his daddy! About
39 inches tall and 32lbs, he’s tall and slim. He’s quick and looks
innocent and he’s hard to catch in the act! So be on the look
out for a giraffe-lovin’, finger suckin’, giggly, sneaky criminal!
Reward: Some cuddles and some silliness!

Wanted: The Accomplice: Bbbbad to the bones-brother
For: Giraffee-stealing
Description: He’s a slippery little man with blond hair and
big innocent-looking blue eyes. Don’t let him fool you! He’s
about 34 inches tall and under 30lbs but he’s fast and strong!
He’s known for his sneaky moves like coloring on the walls,
playing with daddy’s guitar and stealing toys. He’s considered
armed and dangerous! He’s armed with an ornery grin and eyes
full of mischief and can very easily melt your heart. Beware! He’s
a dangerous one and we need to catch him!
Reward: A hug and slobbery kiss!


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