Thanksgiving, Tantrums and Trees!

Zakkai being silly in the car! If you look closely, you can see his eye:)

A Zakkai-tantrum

Checkin’ out the new Christmas lights….naked

“Helping” decorate the tree and get ornaments out

The real tree decorator:)
Well, we’re back from our crazy-busy Thanksgiving and more tired than ever! I envy those who feel refreshed after that “break!” The boys had a great time staying with their Auntie K and Uncle Tim. They didn’t want to leave!! We had a lot of fun staying at their new house, even though Ben had to study most of the time:(
The boys are busy-bees! Zakkai is into EVERYTHING and I have to keep my eagle mommy-eye on him. He throws tantrums now over the smallest little things. He gently throws himself to the ground and works himself up to screaming and tears and it goes on…and on….and on…and sometimes he might even stop in the middle to smile or laugh but then remembers what he was supposed to be doing and cries again:) I know I’ve learned a lot as a parent because it doesn’t stress me out, in fact I think it’s funny because it’s so ridiculous! I don’t show him that, of course! He is definitely coming up on TWO.
Samuel’s still my train-crazy boy. He has his eye on some new trains these days that he wants to add to his insane collection. When we get toy catalogs in the mail, he really enjoys studying them while he eats breakfast at the table. He was VERY excited to decorate our little Christmas tree last night! The boys helping haul up our bins from the basement and “helped” pull out and break, er, hand us the ornaments. They love the lights that I decorated the windows with so much that they can’t stay away! I was trying to get them dressed this morning and they came running out naked and climbed in the wagon to gawk over the lights;) I think celebrating with them will be a lot of fun this year. Not just with the presents (because most everyone I know is poor anyways!) and the decorations but also with traditions and teaching them about baby Jesus and spending a lot of time together as a family.

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