Here’s a little picture of all of my sister’s kids and ours! It’s a miracle that you can line 6 kids, 5 and under, up and get them all smiling! I believe we were having them yell out things like, “Pickles and ice cream!!” From R to L:
Zakkai (age 22 mos), Sofia (age 2), Dylan (age 3), Samuel (age 3 1/2), Jackson (almost 5), Jasmine (5) Can you tell which ones are siblings??!!

Mr Cool!
The boys have really been enjoying our family time this week. We’ve been playing with lots of new toys like Mr Potato Head, Trains, Candy Land, etc! Zakkai is thoroughly obsessed with our Christmas lights. I usually like to leave the lights up for a little longer because they’re so pretty but he keeps trying to plug and unplug them in, despite multiple warnings and time-outs! I think it’s time to take them down… I will really miss his happy little voice exclaiming, “See the Christmas wights!! Orn-na-MENTS!” The overwhelmed, cranky boys from Ohio are gone to be replaced with relaxed, happy and ultra-ornery stinkers!
Ben starts school again tomorrow but it won’t be as busy as it was, thankfully. He should hear in the next few weeks the official results from his comps! He’s going to go ahead and start working on his proposal. It’s so exciting to feel like we’re getting closer to the end of this long road. We have struggled, grown and changed so much during our past 3+ years here. It’ll be cool to tell the boys that they spent the first several years of their lives here:)
It’s so hard to believe that Zakkai will be turning two…next month! That last part just dawned on me on New Year’s Eve when I was trying to go to sleep. I’m not ready for my baby to turn two! Although he does act like he’s two already… He’s into EVERYTHING and I must keep my secret mommy-eye on him at all times. But he is also getting older and doing more “big boy” things like asking to sit on the potty. He has no clue what he’s doing but that big satisfied smile on his face when he’s sitting is worth it all!
Samuel has been asking for a lot of privacy lately when using the bathroom or when getting dressed. The one that topped them all was this morning when he asked for “pwivacy” so he could put his shoes on!! Zakkai heard that and all day from him I’ve heard, “Mommy, need some pwicy!” He hasn’t a clue what privacy is but since “Samel” said it, it must be important!!

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