Snowy, blowy days!

I was so into my “work” the other day that I wasn’t paying attention to what Ben was doing to my hair:)

What better to do when you’re stuck inside on a snowy day??

Zakkai playing with their “new” train table they got for Christmas!

A peek at a sweet almost-two-year old sleeping at night:)

It is snowing…again here! We got somewhere around 7 inches a few days ago and supposedly are getting another 2-4 tonight! There is lots of snow for “stomping and clomping” as we tell the boys. I took them out the other day before dinner to try to wear them out. We stomped in the snow on the playground until we got too cold:)
We were stuck inside over the weekend and before the boys could go too stir-crazy, I remembered in the back of my mind that I had stored away a box of sand in the closet for a day such as this! I laid down plastic sheeting that I use when they paint and let them go to town! It was very quiet for awhile. I am determined to do a lot of activities like this with them so that we don’t feel like we were bored inside for the whole winter, especially if we’re going to get snow like we are!
I enrolled the boys in some classes through our parks district. Z is in a Tots play class and S is in a tumbling class! Both classes started this past week and they were a BIG hit! Well, how can you go wrong with having a room full of toys for a toddler to play with? And Samuel, who dragged his feet the whole way to his class claiming he didn’t want to go, had a blast! He got to do a “log roll” and walk on a balance beam. He will be learning forwards and backwards summersaults, beam walking, stretching, etc. The perfect thing to keep a 3 year old active!
I can’t believe how big my boys are getting. Zakkai will be turning two at the end of next month. He is such a talker and copies off of everything his “Samel” does. He wants my attention a lot these days so he comes to me wherever I am and grabs my hand and says, “Come, mommy!” He also adores his daddy and asks me several times a day in his sing-songy voice, “Where’s my daddy?” He is really soaking up learning right now; colors, counting, letters, words and phrases. I think I already mentioned that he tries to name the colors of things and so far everything is “bwue-orange.” Well, it was really funny because yesterday was our church’s anniversary so they had a little celebration and put up balloons in the church colors which happen to be….blue and orange. We walked in to church and Zakkai said, “Bwue-orange bawoons!!!” I laughed and said, “You’re actually right this time, Zakkai!!”
I have heard my Grandpa talk many times about the law of retribution, which is your kids doing exactly what you did when you were little! Samuel is fulfilling that law:) He said at the breakfast table the other morning something that I said many, many times as a child, “Mommy, I don’t want to get big. I just want to stay small forever!” I turned around and said, “Samuel, mommy used to say that exact same thing to Mugga when I was little!” I NEVER wanted to grow up or go to school, I just wanted to live at home forever with my mommy. And now I have a little boy who wants to do the same thing. And he has also started doing something else that I just might have done as a child:tattle-taling. Oh, I hate that word! And honestly, most of the time I am glad that Samuel does it because he catches Zakkai doing many things that I should be aware of! But still, I know Z isn’t going to like this once he catches on!
We have a busy week ahead this week and I am determined to post more on this blog even when I’m tired because I want to remember all of these sweet things the boys do!

2 thoughts on “Snowy, blowy days!

  1. Sweet friend, Thanks for all your encouragement you always are to me. I love keeping in touch through our blogs 🙂 Your comment totally made my day even though it was SO far off…I am SOOOOOOOOOOO not perfect or amazing. Still it made me smile and feel very warm deep down! You are definitely one person I think of when I try to do things better. I’ve tried to be as patient as Heidi would be, or cook as healthily (is that a word?) and deliciously as you. I’m learning. A little closer to what you would do than I was a year ago! Miss you lots and lots. can’t wait for the next time we can get together. What a riot our 4 boys will be together!


  2. Hey there! Great to catch up through your blog. Z 2 years old! Wheres the time go. Love the opening photo, Ben looks great. The boys are so cute! Snow! Oh, yeah I remember what that was & kinda miss it. We signed on for another year here. Praying for u all! T&E


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