Zakkai’s Day

Caution: This post contains a lot of pictures and and over-use of the word “birthday” 🙂

The Birthday boy wakes up!

Such a happy boy after a yummy birthday breakfast of…oatmeal!

Daddy Birthday Hugs!

Going on a special birthday walk to the store with daddy (and kitten and kangaroo)

Mommy and Samuel icing cupcakes!

The ornery birthday boy eyeing the cupcakes!

Birthday cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Zakkai, Luca and Samuel

Samuel enjoying his personally decorated cupcake, involving lots of RED sprinkles, of course!

Mmmmm….chocolate! Like mommy, like son!

A Birthday Mustache:)

Opening…BIRTHDAY presents!!!!

So now I’m a mama of a 2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. That sounds really close together! Those boys alternately fight and scream or are the very best friends you’ve ever seen in your life! Especially when they are doing things they shouldn’t like, oh….hiding in the closet doors and pulling the door off it’s track or sneaking out of bed or getting into things they aren’t supposed to have….not that they do those things….because we all know that I have perfect angel children! Right?! Right?

Samuel said two of the sweetest things to me last week. I let him do something one day and he looked up and exclaimed, “Mommy, you’re a WONDERFUL wady! (lady)” And then we came home from visiting a friend and he randomly said, “I like you SOOOOO much, mommy!” It’s always nice when your child likes you!!

That sweet Samuel has another side though; a very “stinkerish” side that is coming out. (That has to come from Ben’s side:)He has been talking back a little to us (gasp!) and doing a lot of sneaking out of bed. He seriously has no idea how we can “sense” that he is out of bed (the magic monitor!!!) or how we can guess who filled Zakkai’s crib with 82 Lego’s and stuffed animals. Hmmmm….It’s those eyes in the back of my head! So we have come up with a plan: we have a chart with a Thomas picture on it with lots of squares on it (7 squares for each day of the week) and he gets to color a square off everytime he listen right away without talking back and when he stays in his bed. The prize: Rhineas, a Thomas train! This chart system works WONDERS with this child! He went to sleep with a smile on his face last night dreaming about his prize! And this morning? He got to color off the first square for staying in bed! Ah, the power of praise and positive reinforcement!

I will post pictures of Zakkai on his birthday soon! We had a cupcake party with a few friends. 6 2-3 year olds, cupcakes and icing, lots of balloons and you’ve got one happy boy! And mommy, too:)

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Dear Zakkai Nathaniel,

February 20th, 2007 is the day you made your entrance into the world! A 7lb 4/12 oz screaming baby BOY!! From the moment you were born, you have been filled with spunk and life. You make your needs known and you have the orneriest little spirit I have ever seen:) I love to see your bright smile and the way you stare right into my eyes with your baby blues!

You have captured my heart with your sweet softness, your chubbiness, your love for your brother, your sweet giggle and a million other little things that make you YOU! God knew exactly what He was doing when He knit you together in my tummy.

We love your name, special boy, and chose it with love. Your name is Hebrew and means “Pure; Righteous; Innocent.” It is unique and it fits you:) You call yourself “Kai” and have very definite ideas of who you are and what you want! I am guessing that is a trait that will stay with you as you get older. I hope that you pour all of the passion and energy inside you into your love for God!

You are most definitely a two-year old! You started little tantrums long ago and often fill the house with your ear-piercing screams:) But our home is also filled with your laughter and squeals and the pitter-patter of your running feet; your humming as you hold “rays” and suck your little finger and your sweet breathing as you snuggle close. And those are sounds I will cherish forever, little Z.

We thank God for you, little man, and pray that He grants us wisdom, peace, patience and love as we raise you and Samuel. We want you to grow up to be loving, gentle, kind, respectful, life-filled and most of all a child of God. As I write this, I hear daddy reading a birthday story to you and tucking you in for a nap. I can picture you like you are everyday, all snuggled in bed with your blankies surrounding you and that sweet little finger in your mouth. Sweet dreams, my precious son. Mommy and Daddy love you!