The best part of the day…

There are many good parts to my day: going to bed, watching my boys play, when Ben comes home, etc. BUT one of my very most favorite (was that good grammar?!) parts of the day is putting the boys to bed. Oh stop! Not because I want peace and quiet…ok, maybe a little, but because they are so darn sweet!! There is nothing like tickling those adorable little soft bodies and kissing them and getting them all snuggly in their pj’s. Lining up on our bed with boys tucked in between and on us, reading stories while breathing in their sweet smell (well, maybe I’m breathing it in b/c Ben can’t smell!), kissing their heads, necks and soft cheeks. Feeling the warmth of their bodies snuggled up so trustingly in your lap or next to you and listening to the soft slurping of their fingers in their mouth as they hold giraffees and rays (blankies) up to their faces….I love, love, LOVE these boys!!!! And I love peeking in on them before I go to bed and seeing them sleeping so peacefully in their beds, praying over them and smiling at the innocent looks on their faces. So peaceful….

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