Jumping on the trampoline

Samuel and Miss Sarah

Little Tiger

Yesterday was Samuel’s last OT appointment! I didn’t talk to many people about it because I don’t feel Samuel should be defined by a “term” but Samuel went to Occupational Therapy for 7 1/2 months to help with some sensory issues and was discharged yesterday! He is doing SOOOOO well and we are excited about all of the new things he can do and the amazing confidence he now has. We will forever be thankful for Ms Sarah and how God used her in our lives!

Today the boys were stinkers! They didn’t get the greatest night’s sleep for whatever reason and woke up WAAAAAAY too early and were so crabby!! Which meant a fussy, whiny, screamy, ornery kind of day! So this afternoon they somehow found my chapstick and got into it. Samuel had it on his eye (who knows!) and said, “Mommy, I have some…some cha..chast…stap…stapchi…stapchick on my face!”
Who couldn’t smile at that?!
Zakkai’s new phrase is: “Hey, mommy! Hey, mommy _______.” He’s so funny because he has this gutteral “H” sound and almost sounds foreign or something:) He also has been saying “ma” instead of “my.”
Ex. “I hah (have) ma water!” or “Hey, mommy, I hah (have), I hah ma ray (blankie).”
It cracks me up everytime! Who knew there could be so much spunk and life and ORNERINESS inside an “almost” 2 year old!! Speaking of which…Someone turns the big TWO on Friday!!!


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