Zakkai’s Day

Caution: This post contains a lot of pictures and and over-use of the word “birthday” šŸ™‚

The Birthday boy wakes up!

Such a happy boy after a yummy birthday breakfast of…oatmeal!

Daddy Birthday Hugs!

Going on a special birthday walk to the store with daddy (and kitten and kangaroo)

Mommy and Samuel icing cupcakes!

The ornery birthday boy eyeing the cupcakes!

Birthday cupcakes in ice cream cones!

Zakkai, Luca and Samuel

Samuel enjoying his personally decorated cupcake, involving lots of RED sprinkles, of course!

Mmmmm….chocolate! Like mommy, like son!

A Birthday Mustache:)

Opening…BIRTHDAY presents!!!!


3 thoughts on “Zakkai’s Day

  1. Loved Zakkai’s Birthday pictures. What cute little boys and I might say the mommy is pretty cute too. You are a good mommy. Love to all.


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