Too Early for Potty Training?

This hunka hunka two year old love has a new habit…

And it’s gross!! Ugh! Boys are… gross! This adorable child with the impish grin likes to take his diaper off and only at night! I’ll leave it at that. Not to mention he constantly has terrible diaper rash! I SOOOOOOO wanted to put off potty training him til he was like…6 (jk!) but now, I’m thinking I might have to suck it up and begin training the youngest Thomas monkey. Sigh…

Speaking of monkeys…right now I am watching them “sweep” and “mop” the living room floor, which really means the crumbs are getting brushed around and around the floor in no particular order. I have just been informed that they must “sweep all the day because the house is a mess!”I guess that doesn’t say much for my house-keeping skills (which sadly have been lacking since my back injury!) Thank goodness for husbands! I guess it’s kind of sad when you’re looking forward to a good spring cleaning (and rearranging!) due to a long deep cleaning hiatus:) Now maybe I should have the boys scrub the bathtub…..

And speaking of husbands (follow me here), I’ve got a good one! I came home to a nice-looking husband wearing cologne (I LOVE cologne!!mmm..), a spankin’ clean house, dinner on the stove and a card from my boys saying they missed us…Maybe I should take little trips away more often…

One thought on “Too Early for Potty Training?

  1. how nice. i would have loved to see you but i think i was in iowa at the same time. and i know how QUICK TRIPS go…you have NO extra time! Are you feeling better? Props to Ben! Good job!


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