Happy 6th Anniversary!!

Today is our 6th Anniversary!! March 15th, 2003, we tied the knot:) It was a gorgeous sunny weekend with 65-70 degree weather which felt like a blessing from God! I felt like a princess and I loved the way Ben looked at me. One of my favorite things about our wedding was our first dance. We had debated for a long time over what song to choose. Ben’s choice was “My Girl” (Tempations, I think) and I can’t even remember what I chose but I’m sure it was a boring traditional song:) I refused to do Ben’s song because I felt like it wasn’t appropriate for the dance or something! So we made all these cd’s for our friend who was DJing to play and had it labeled (x song for x event). So our first dance time comes and we go out on the floor expecting the boring song to come on and what blares out? None other than “My Girl!” We just went with the flow and it was wonderful! I really enjoyed it and Ben? He sang the whole song to me and ended with a big dip:) One of my very favorite pictures is of us dancing to the song and you can see that he is singing to me!

Ben, I love you so much and am so thankful for the 6 years of marriage we’ve had! We have loved, laughed, struggled, sacrified, fought, kissed, become parents, moved, changed and have become entwined as only two best friends commited to loving each other for the rest of their lives can do! I love that God is the “third strand” in our relationship and I can feel His blessing on our life together. I can’t wait for the next 50 years with you! I love you.


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