3, count ’em, 3 boys!!

“Riding the scooter together” (last week; ignore S’s hideous outfit. I swear he wasn’t dressed like that in the morning:) He put his nap pants on and refused to take them off. They turned out to be Zakkai’s pants….)

Today, I was the proud “mother” of THREE boys!! Oh my goodness! The testosterone level was ramped up in our house. Our friend Julian, who is one of THE cutest curly headed little boys you’ve ever seen, spent the whole day with us! The boys were giggling, throwing themselves off the couch, rolling on the ground, racing…..they were tiring but pretty cute, too:) They were SO well behaved together that I was almost tempted into thinking I am ready for three. ALMOST….

Speaking of three….Samuel is now asking when we can have a baby of our own. SO many friends have had babies recently and as I was naming off the most recent of the baby boom, Samuel said, “Can we have a baby, too?” I told him that maybe someday we would have a baby and asked if he would prefer a boy or a GIRL (of course, secretly hoping he would choose the latter). His answer? A girl:) Ah, a boy after my own heart. So later, I mentioned our conversation when Ben got home and Samuel once again said that he wants us to have a baby girl. And when? I said, “Why don’t you pray that God will give us a baby girl some day.” (Please, Lord!) He immediately folded his hands, squeezed his eyes shut and said, “Dear Lord Jesus, please give us a baby girl soon. A-MEN!” Daddy’s response to the whole convo? “We’ll see….”

Zakkai’s newest fav pastime is climbing in “Samel’s” bed. He thinks he is so big for doing so, too! The second I had him dressed and set him on the loose this morning, he headed straight for the bed. He climbed right in, laughing all the while, and exclaimed, “I climbing in Samel’s bed!! I so silly!” Other things this chunky monkey is getting into? Playing the piano and guitar! Maybe we have a future musical genius here….That’s it for us today. I’m off to enjoy my boys and decide what’s on for dinner tonight. (I’ll have to post my soup recipe from last night. YUM)

The Goody Man!

Happy Wednesday! Not too much to report today: Clean house, mom’s group and (hopefully) fantastic soup cooking in the crockpot!

So, I mentioned awhile back that we play music for the boys at nighttime, which they ADORE. Seriously, the threat of turning it off causes them to shape right up! More recently, I’ve been putting on a Veggie Tales CD in the morning for them as I’m taking my shower and getting ready. So they sit in their beds, play with toys and Veg:) They get really excited, too and they’ve been memorizing the words. I started singing one of the songs the other day (yes, I’m cool like that), which goes like this: “God is bigger than the boogeyman, He’s bigger than Godzilla and the monsters on tv.” Samuel stopped me, obviously appalled, and said, “Mommy! It is NOT the boogeyman. It is the Goodyman!.” No amount of reasoning convinced him that God is bigger than the boogeyman. It’s the Goodyman. Obviously.

Ok, BOY humor, here. I am sorry, but I must record this for future embarassing of my son:) A son, whom I shall not name, is really into boy’s, ahem, anatomy. Yes. Yes, I did just throw that out there. He is really interested in the fact that boys have things that girls don’t. I SOOOO don’t want to enter this conversation with him but I know I’d better get over my discomfort now rather than when he’s older! Anyways, he will ask me about people in books and our family (whether or not they have…the “unmentionable”) He even asked me about an older grandma-lady the other day. It’s really quite embarassing. Embarassing enough to talk about it at home (but obviously not enough to stop me from blogging about it!) but what I am most afraid of, is that he will ask someone we know! (Shudder) Why, oh, WHY, did God think I (one of 5 girls), would be cut out for BOYS?! I hope I don’t ruin them….

As for the other boy in the house, er, man, I mean….Ben is scheduled to have sinus surgery on Monday! Even though it’s a little scary, we are BOTH very excited about it because he has suffered for about 2 1/2 years now of constant severe sinus infections and a whole lotta other related stuff. He has lost his sense of smell completely and has lost some of his sense of taste, too:( Not to mention, he really has suffered a lot. Yea, for modern medicine! Please pray for a safe surgery and quick healing!

I’m off to enjoy the last 1/2 of peace and quiet before naptime is over:)

Chocolate ‘N Raisins

We LOVE us some chocolate in this household! Some of us might even possibly have an addiction to chocolate. Okay. Fine. I might have an addiction. But, look! It seems like I have passed on the chocolate-lover gene! (BTW, chocolate+ 2 year old = huge mess!)

Here are some cute little boys paintin’ their little hearts out! I just love a little boy all covered in his daddy’s t-shirt:) The shirts go down to their feet! Perfect smocks. Ben was positively thrilled to share his shirts, too. Honest.

Tip from a friend: Let boys paint/decorate their own brown paper bags (which ,by the way, are SUPER cheap!). Let bags dry and then while children are sleeping, fill bags with snack! It turns even the most ordinary (or store brand) of string cheeses and raisins into a delightful snack:)
Speaking of raisins….Did you know that some children just might think it is a super hilarious and exciting thing to shove a raisin up their nose? Yeah, note to all mothers of 2 year olds (or at least 2 year olds that enjoy excitement such as coloring on walls with permanent marker, painting on the couches and other such toddler ventures): Never walk away (even into the next room) while your young child is consuming raisins (or any other small piece of nose-shovable like food) and leave your child’s nose unsupervised. You just might find a raisin in it……

Monday, Monday

Monday’s Checklist:

  • Boys up, dressed and fed :CHECK
  • Pulled out baby clothes to let friend borrow: CHECK
  • Laundry washed and dried: CHECK
  • Laundry put away: CHECK
  • Laundry hanging over my windows in hick-like style to dry: CHECK
  • Boys set up with painting: CHECK
  • Chased after Zakkai as he ran through the house with a paint brush: CHECK
  • Cleaned paint off the couch: CHECK
  • Made fabulous Zucchini muffins to trick my children with: CHECK
  • Fed said children lunch: CHECK
  • Cleaned kitchen: CHECK
  • Boys in bed for naps: CHECK CHECK
  • Lying on the couch with laptop having my own rest time: CHECK…

Wow, all this accomplished and it’s only 1:30pm! Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all!!

Sunday Sugar Fest!!

What better place to take your young innocent children after their afternoon nap than to a bonified Sugar Fest!! What is a Sugar Fest? Why, I am so glad you asked! A Sugar Fest is a place where you gather with other sweet toothed, sugar-craving, pretend-the-sugar-won’t-affect-our-children friends and party!! And what’s on the menu? Sugar, silly! Ice cream with strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate, homemade cream puffs with chocolate inside, apple dumplings and ooey gooey butter cake! Oh, and don’t forget the dish of Dove’s chocolates…..Are you drooling yet?

It’s a good thing I don’t have diabetes! I would have to go check my blood sugar after just WRITING this blog post! Anyhoo, had a blast. We really didn’t consume as much sugar as I’m making it sound like (promise!)…as a matter of fact, Z wouldn’t touch a thing! He munched on a banana:) Ah, I’ve taught them well! Samuel ate a small dish of vanilla ice cream topped with one strawberry (only one!) and what else? Sprinkles!! It was a fabulous afternoon chatting with friends and feeling the rush of good-for-you, sugary goodness flowing through your veins! A chocolate a day, keeps the dr away, I say!! Happy Sunday:)


Just a few words to describe how I am feeling today: Anxious, peaceful, cautious, released, relieved, thankful, lifted up, tired, and alive! I know this may not make sense to you but I want to remember this day. The past almost 2 weeks have been filled with a lot of anxiety and fear over some things and God really answered my prayers last night and today. It is one of those times where I can truly see that He is doing a work in me; one of those works that is more painful before it gets better. But isn’t that great? Because the deeper the wound that He reveals, the deeper the healing can be. I’m okay, I am thankful, I am free today!!

Spent the morning at the park with the boys: climbing, sliding, running, playing in the sand, soaking up the sun, marveling at the 80 degree weather, watching other people come out of hibernation, blocking the reflection off of my incredibly white legs (no really….WHITE), boy’s rosy faces, making popsicles, feeling hope……this is the kind of day I love!! Not to mention, it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

I’m Just Saying

A Funny video for your amusement:)


So, you know you made an AMAZING dinner when it was eagerly gobbled up by not only you and your husband, but your finicky two and three year olds! You obviously must be a talented cook and genius mother to get the respective two and three year olds to eat many vegetables without ANY complaints, right? I’m just saying…. (recipe below!)

And when your three year old tells you that he has not been to the playground of many slides for “years and years and years” that might possibly mean he got the dramatic gene that runs on your side of the family. I’m just saying…

And when you’re writing this post and your two year old, who is in the bathtub, starts pointing out rocks in the water and you realize to your horror that it is, in fact, not rocks but poop……stay calm as you remove the infected children, drain the water, scrub the bathtub and start bath #2….it could be worse, right? I’m just saying…..

Sausage Gumbo

2 celery ribs, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

1 medium green pepper (or color of your choice), chopped

2 medium carrots, chooped

2 TB olive oil

**In large skillet, saute celery, onion, peppers and carrots in olive oil until tender.

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

2-3 cups chicken broth

**Stir in flour until blended; gradually add in broth. Bring to a boil. Cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.

**Transfer to a lg cooking pot OR crockpot. Stir in:

1 lb. turkey kielbasa or turkey sausage, sliced

1 can (14 1/2 oz) petite diced tomatoes, undrained (I used tomatoes with added basic, garlic and oregano)

pinch salt

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp. Table Blend seasoning (Mrs. Dash, I think)

**If cooking in pot, cover and cook on low heat for 45 min or until heated through. If using crockpot, cover and cook on low for 4-5hrs.

**About 1/2 hour before done, add 1 cup of brown rice. Cook in soup until rice is tender. Serve with fresh bread. YUM!!