Dreams and Kids Say the Darndest Things!

We like to tease the boys and say that we “feel” their food in their tummies (Oh, there’s a piece of chicken! Oh, that’s a pea right there, etc ) just to be silly. (because you become more silly with each passing year of parenthood!) So today the boys and I were eating lunch and I ate something and Samuel was watching me and said, “Where did it go, mommy?” So I started tracing the path of my bite of cornbread down towards my stomach, talking about it’s every move. The boys were watching me really intently with their mouths hanging open like something great was about to happen and then I gasped and said, “It’s right here!” while pointing to a spot on my stomach. They giggled and as I turned from the table Samuel said, “Is it in your weg (leg) now?”
Zakkai’s new word (isn’t there always one?!) is “Nope!” Zakkai, do you want some more water? “Nope!” Zakkai, can you share this toy with Samuel? “Nope!” He’s very emphatic, too:) He LOVES Samuel so much. Tonight the boys were in bed and Samuel had to make a trip to the bathroom. Zakkai kept calling, “Samel! Samel! Where Samel go?” And Samuel said to me, “Mommy, why is he calling my name?”
I said, “Because he loves you SO much!”
Samuel said, “Why does he love me?”
and I replied with the exact truth, “Because you’re his best friend and his brother.” And I hope it stays that way!
Tonight in our housegroup, we spoke about dreams. Dreams and plans that you have as a married couple and of your own, too. I realized that I had so many dreams (I am a dreamer and not really a long term planner!) when I was younger but I have put so many of them on hold as Ben and I go through this journey of education and focusing on his schooling and career right now. It’s not a bad thing! As a matter of fact, I wholeheartedly support him and pray for him and am in this with him every step of the way. It just doesn’t allow for many of my dreams to be realized just yet. I put them on pause; except for my dream of being married and having children, of course, but guess what? Now that I am FREE (see last post) and Ben is getting ever closer to being done….I think it’s time to revisit those dreams and figure out all of the possibilities!

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