Chocolate ‘N Raisins

We LOVE us some chocolate in this household! Some of us might even possibly have an addiction to chocolate. Okay. Fine. I might have an addiction. But, look! It seems like I have passed on the chocolate-lover gene! (BTW, chocolate+ 2 year old = huge mess!)

Here are some cute little boys paintin’ their little hearts out! I just love a little boy all covered in his daddy’s t-shirt:) The shirts go down to their feet! Perfect smocks. Ben was positively thrilled to share his shirts, too. Honest.

Tip from a friend: Let boys paint/decorate their own brown paper bags (which ,by the way, are SUPER cheap!). Let bags dry and then while children are sleeping, fill bags with snack! It turns even the most ordinary (or store brand) of string cheeses and raisins into a delightful snack:)
Speaking of raisins….Did you know that some children just might think it is a super hilarious and exciting thing to shove a raisin up their nose? Yeah, note to all mothers of 2 year olds (or at least 2 year olds that enjoy excitement such as coloring on walls with permanent marker, painting on the couches and other such toddler ventures): Never walk away (even into the next room) while your young child is consuming raisins (or any other small piece of nose-shovable like food) and leave your child’s nose unsupervised. You just might find a raisin in it……

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