Friday Goodies!

This picture of goodness is our homemade pizza! This is last Friday’s edition, which I must tell you, was one of our best yet! Makes me drool just thinking about it:) We make homemade pizza (crust and all) every Friday night. A fun family tradition!

Many funny things from my many small boys today. We were driving down Lake Shore to the store and we came upon Navy Pier. Samuel spied the Ferris wheel and said, very excitedly, “Look at the BIG steering wheel, mommy!”

I answered about 365 questions on the way to, in and home from the store. No, really. You think I am exaggerating? You really should come spend a day with us. It’s amazing the answers that I pull out of my ear for this child! I’d better start reading up on some subjects or sooner or later my son is going to figure out that I don’t really know anything at all. Z is starting to ask a lot of why questions, too but the nice thing is, he is very happy with one answer and a smile and change of subject:)

While I was answering one of the many questions on cars,driving, and honking rules, we came to a stop at a red light. We had just heard someone honk at another car due to impatience (I know, hard to believe around here, isn’t it?) and S is quite fascinated at the thought of honking. We were stopped, waiting and Samuel said, “Why don’t you honk and make that car in front of us move?!” I tried not to laugh and told him that we were all stopped at the red light and we didn’t need to be honking at people at that moment. Goodness, is this a sign of the future driving my sons will be doing?! If so, let me declare it now: They will not be getting their licenses until they are 30! At least!

Things I really enjoy while driving with my boys:

  • Looking like I am having a very important conversation with myself when I am, in fact, answering the many, many questions asked of me by the little people. aka: uninterrupted talk time:)
  • Looking in the rear view mirror at a sleepy little pumpkin face and doing everything I can to keep him awake
  • Giving dangerous drivers dirty looks if they threaten the precious lives of the little people in my backseat. Of course, I don’t really do that….
  • Listening to the boys talk to each other about the tall, dirty buildings, trucks and museums they are seeing out the windows
  • Just being a mommy:)

I hope you’re all looking forward to a good Friday night, too!!


One thought on “Friday Goodies!

  1. Hi my dear Chicago family. How good that pizza looks are you up to making that when you come to Columbus. Grandpa and I would love it. All so your Sam makes us laugh and Zakki is growing up so fast. Can’t believe how much boys have grown since Christmas. Love you All Gram and Grand


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