Popcorn and Somersaults!

I have some very fond memories of spending time at my Grandparent’s house when I was little. We did so many fun things like spending the night (some sisters and cousins) and getting treats, making cookie pizzas with my aunt, and making popcorn! My grandparents had this old popper with a yellow top and they would pour in the popcorn and oil and my sister(s), cousins and I would stand there, waiting with breathless anticipation for the first “Pop!” Each time we heard the kernels pop, we jumped up and down, pretending that we were popcorn popping:)

The other day at Cosco, we saw a container of popcorn kernels, just waiting to be popped; all 12 1/2 lbs of them! These wonderful childhood memories came flooding in and we agreed to take this new found treasure home with us. Because you can never have too much popcorn in your house, right?

So after the boys’ naptime, Ben popped some corn for a snack for all of us. We don’t have a fancy smancy popcorn popper but we make do with a nice little pot and a lid; works just fine! The boys stood on a chair and watched with the same breathless anticipation that I had as a child, waiting for the first, “Pop!”

Enjoying our special snack!

The other day, the boys decided to practice somersaults for us. Samuel, who recently took a tumbling class, somersaults with all the grace and ease of a gymnast, while Zakkai……well, just see for yourself:)

//www.youtube.com/get_player//www.youtube.com/get_player//www.youtube.com/get_player(I tried to splice all three together but blogger won’t download it for some reason!)


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