In Absentia

I am so sorry that I was “In Absentia” yesterday. It was a good thing for me not to post. It would have said something like: Today I feel like crap. I have a nasty cold. My husband feels like crap. He just had surgery. I wish it was tomorrow…..

So you see? Much better that I didn’t write yesterday. I am feeling MUCH better day, albeit quite congested. Ben isn’t feeling so hot still:( We think he is fighting off an infection but he has antibiotics and is resting a lot so hopefully he’ll start feeling better soon.

The boys and I went on a picnic today! They were SO excited that they wanted to eat lunch at 10:30am:) We went with our friend who lives upstairs and has two little ones of her own. We are hoping to arrange a marriage contract soon between her daughter and one of my sons. The only problem is, who to choose? Ah well, I suppose it would best for them to make that decision themselves but it would be really fun to get along famously with my son’s in-laws!

Speaking of my sons (because that’s what this blog is all about, right?!), Zakkai calls everyone a “he.” He’s only two, which is our excuse for everything, so it’s pretty funny. This morning, I listened in on a very funny conversation between the boys.

Zakkai: “He (referring to me) wants to bring me a toy.”

Samuel: “No, Zakkai. It isn’t “he.” Mommy is not a he.”

Zakkai: “O-hhh.”

Samuel: “Mommy is a SHE. Mommy is a girl.”

Zakkai: “Oh. Mommy is a gir-uhl?”

Samuel: “Yes, so mommy is not a he.”

Zakkai: “Whoiiii?” (that is totally how he says “why”)

Samuel: “Because God made her that way!”

Zakkai: “O-hhhh.”

So, there you have it! I am a gir-uhl and God made me that way!

Here are the boys playing with their train table, tracks set up by yours truly:) No, Zakkai isn’t wearing a bib, it’s one of his blankies tied on. That would be daddy….


One thought on “In Absentia


    We love you so much, Mommy. You are the best! Thank you for taking care of us, playing with us, and reading stories to us.

    Samuel and Zakkai


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