Crazy Mom Monday

Today I put my son’s shoes on the wrong feet….for the second time in 3 days.

Today I was so scatterbrained while grocery shopping with the boys that I had to keep making trips back and forth across the store for stuff I kept forgetting. I never did get those tomatoes…

Today my son started to ask, very loudly, in the grocery store aisle why girls don’t have……until I quickly intervened and explained that that is a private matter…no pun intended..

Today, so far, my two year old has had no fewer than 5 timeouts. His new penchant for screaming “No!” at us and hitting is getting old but we will conquer it!

Today I gave my sons a snack a half an hour before dinnertime even though I know it will ruin their appetite. It’s just a small snack…

Today I had to write a to-do list to remember my to-do list

Today I took a nap while my children napped

Today I completed a fantastic meal plan for the next week and a half and yet I still don’t know what to make for dinner tonight..

Today I realized that I have a lot of catching up on housework from last week. Having a husband, er a sick husband,being sick yourself and having two young children is not exactly conducive to keeping a clean house…

Today I realized once again, despite the many mommified brain cells in my head that just may cause me to appear addlebrained, that my “job” as mommy is the greatest!

Mother’s Day 2009


One thought on “Crazy Mom Monday

  1. Your Mothers Day tributes were so heart felt and a blessing. I want to thank you for the dear card I received. What a blessing for your Grandmother to receive, your words touched my heart. Im so blessed to have precious Grandchildren. I love you


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