Rockin’ Wednesday!!

Guess who, with some major cheering from big brother, went potty for the first time on the toilet??!! I’ll give you ONE guess! (think: one who climbs out of bed, colors on walls and is TWO!) You’re right! This adorable little monkey randomly asked to go sit on the potty (he could possibly have been influenced by the presence of his beloved Ms ‘thalia) 🙂 He’s awfully proud and is sporting a new sticker on his chart!!

Mr. Encourager and Snuggler, a.k.a. Big Brother!

We are having a pretty fantastic day! We had a wonderful mom’s group today! I am really excited because now our wonderful Miss Athaliah (children’s pastor) is watching all of the kiddos upstairs so the moms can have mommy-time downstairs. Now we get time to do some talking, praying, encouraging and have interrupt-free conversations! (if you’re a mom, you’ll totally understand that!)

Follow a great morning with some peeing on the potty, add some sunshine and warm weather and you’ve got a Rockin’ Wednesday!! And my sis and her hubs said they might come visit over the weekend which makes me SUPER excited (can you tell we don’t get company very often??!)!!! Oh! AND the hubs (mine) is proposing his dissertation topic today!! He sauntered out of our building lookin’ pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself! We are very excited and thankful to be starting the last leg of this LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG educational journey we’ve been on.

So, how’s that for a pretty good day? Hope you’re is great, too!


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