Crazy or Not Crazy?

We took the plunge.

February 20th, 2009 (2 years old)
Once upon a time, all was quiet on the crib front…..until one day when little Z decided to climb out of bed to play with his brother…
May 22nd, 2009 Construction in Progress (2 years 3 mos)
After much debating and praying that Z wouldn’t hurt himself again….

Daddy’s helpers (helping from afar)
We decided to take the plunge and set up the big boy bed.
Almost done. Good work, daddy!
The boys were SO excited and probably already planning their nightly parties…
All ready for bed! (7:45pm~later than usual)
Already getting to bed later than normal, we were in for a night.
Forewarning: Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too excited:)

I already knew before glimpsing this twinkle in his eye, that there would be a battle

Samuel in his new bed without rails!
Even if they did look sweet in their new beds…
2 hours later, they gave up

And drifted off into dreamland. Only to start all over again the next night………

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