The Crankies

Wait for it…

Tada! New sunglasses AND a new haircut. Can you say cute?!

Stylin’ new haircut AND new Thomas jammies! Woohoo!

85 pictures later, after erasing all of the cheesy fake smiles (he takes after his father….)

If you were anywhere near my house around 5 o’clock on Saturday and happened to hear ear-splitting shrieks and torturous screams coming from our windows, I swear to you we were not harming our children. We were giving them haircuts. I know! Don’t judge us please if we don’t want our children to look like little wolves (Samuel) and a scarecrow (Zakkai). We think they look quite handsome with their haircuts, even if they hate the process. They do enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror afterwards though!
I also bought the boys some cheap sunglasses this weekend because they often complain about the bright sunshine and have to ride in the car with their eyes shut. Can I even tell you how much they adore their sunglasses? I think we made a pretty cute picture strutting up to church yesterday, all in our sunglasses:)
Today, we decided to take a quick walk outside right before a big thunderstorm hit. We got hit with a few big drops of rain when we first started out but it was so peaceful. Then the downpour began and we had to make a run for it! Zakkai started screaming (because he likes to do that) so I had to scoop him up under my arm and haul Samuel by the hand. We were about 15 seconds to safety when the skies opened and a torrential rain came pouring down! I wish I had a picture. I’m sure we were a sight! We decided to stand in our entry way and watch the rain come down and see the lightening and thunder. The boys put little cups out on the steps to catch some rain. It was really fun and peaceful (if you can blot out the sight and sounds of buses, trucks and cars, that is:) Poor Ben got caught in it running home from school and while we were out there, showed up literally sopping wet.
The boys had the crankies today (aside from our rain adventure). I am wholeheartedly hoping that they will sleep them off tonight, since naptime didn’t quite take care of it. Here’s to hoping for a happier day tomorrow!! I’m off to find some girly pursuits before bedtime:)

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