Blast From the Past!

Tonight I looked at some pictures that I haven’t looked at in probably 4 1/2 years! All I have to say is, I am SOOOO glad that I wrote down what/where each picture was because I would have no clue now! Although Ben might…

In June/July 2004, Ben and I spent almost a month in Israel. It was Ben’s second time there. Everyone kept asking us if we were scared because it was such a dangerous country:) About the only scary things there are the drivers (#1 cause of death there) and the 16 year olds walking around with M-16’s! We spent several days touring with a very knowledgable guide and spent most of our time digging at a site called Hazor. It was an amazing trip! I cannot express to you how incredibly cool, for lack of a better word, it is to be in a place with such history. And a place where Jesus walked. Amazing.

There are so many stories I could tell, like how Ben almost died there, but I’ll save those for another day:) For now, enjoy a few pictures!

Us sitting on the steps in front of the Temple Mount

Me, Army Dude with an M-16 (one of the oldest ones we saw:), a fellow digger named Krista

Driving on our way to visit a site called Lachish. Rows of Grape trees

A view of the Mediterranean Sea from the ampitheatre in Ceasarea Maritime

The Flag of Israel

Have a great night!


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