Sweet children? Where are you? Is it the endless days of cold dreary rain? the lack of sunshine? Have you been cooped up for too long with only your mum for company? Is it a phase? Oh, please tell me it’s a very short-lasting phase you’re going through that will end soon! Please?

I would really like it if you would be kind to each other and use your nice words to talk instead of hitting. I would LOVE it if the whining would desist immediately! The screaming joyfully and unjoyfully…well…it gets on my nerves. But most of all, oh puh-lease, most of all, could you go to bed right on time? No more throwing giraffees and rays back and forth? No more jumping and giggling until hours past your bedtime? Please?

I want to go outside as much as you do and breathe in the fresh air and have lots of fun giggling and playing at the park. I really do. Picnics? Sure! I’d love to have more picnics under a tree or down by the lake! Walks? We can take millions of them, even that “pine cone” walk that you’ve been begging me for. Gosh, I’ll even treat you with ice cream. Anything! If you’ll just come back to me, sweet children, wherever you are….I miss you.


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  1. Heidi! Man, its been ages sense I could get to your blog & catch up. It was blocked at my end but one of my clever students got me around the filters here at this end. We enjoy seeing the boys grow up & w/ a sweet mom & dad like you & Ben they will be such a blessing soon enough. God bless, T&E


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