What am I thinking?!!

I am, gulp, possibly, nervously, reluctantly….cough, hesitantly, completely against my will…..doingawaywithsamuelsnaptime. There! I scraped that out of my trembling lips and I cannot repeat it! Please don’t make me!

There are a few reasons for doing the above unmentionable. The biggest reason is that S is staying up ENTIRELY too late at nighttime (almost 9 pm), rolling around and keeping Z awake and driving me crazy! His naptimes were a lot shorter than they were 4 months ago and at least once a week, he’s been staying awake the whole time anyways. My sister suggested to me over this past weekend that I might want to consider dropping his nap, saying that he would go right to sleep at night, which her boys have been doing. I filed her information away, far far away, in my head for a rainy day 3 years from now…..I thought:) Yesterday, I kept his door open all through naptime while I was cleaning the apartment and let him read books and draw and then for the last 15-20 min I asked him to lay quietly so I could have some rest time. He was so happy and pretty well behaved and guess what?! Last night, he was snoring within minutes of his tired little blond head hitting the pillow! It made for a much less stressful nighttime!

Right now, he is playing quietly with his train table and occasionally snuggling with his giraffees and talking. I am actually enjoying my quiet time with him. I think it could also be handy in the fall. We applied for preschool and weren’t able to get in, unfortunately, so I am thinking I can spend this new quiet time in the afternoons with him doing preschool activities! I’m looking at the bright side:) Wish me luck!


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