Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Samuel,

It’s so hard to believe that you are 4 years old today! Every birthday, I love to pull out my memories of the day of your birth and savor them. Our first child, our first son. No moment can trump the one when you came out and the dr held you up and said, “You have a SON!” It makes me cry to even think about it. You made us parents. You have taught us so much, sweet Samuel. We are learning how to be more selfless, kinder, gentler, more patient and so many other things just because we have you in our life.

You have changed so much in the past 4 years, from a tiny 7 lb 1oz baby boy with scrawny legs to a 36 lb big boy. There isn’t much baby left in you now. About the only thing left is when you spot your best friends in the whole world, giraffees, and you break out into a huge smile and you pop your two callused little fingers in your mouth. You warm my heart thoroughly when I check on you at night and sometimes find you curled around giraffees, sucking your fingers in your sleep. You LOVE to hear the story about when I first gave them to you when you were only 5 month old.

You are so affectionate, often spontaneously throwing your arms around us for hugs and looking up with your gray-blue eyes and saying, “I love you, mommy!” or “I love you, daddy!” We love you, too, precious boy. You love to be close to us and know that we are happy with you and proud of who you are. We love your sweet sensitive spirit, your gentle heart, your giggle and bright eyes. We adore your still soft cheeks and the swirly calick on your forehead that’s been there since you were born. We love everything about you.

You adore the color red and want everything to be red, from your vitamin to your clothes. You just got a red big boy bike for your birthday that you adore. You still love trains and light up at the mention of them, which is why we took you to a special train restaurant today on our way home from Ohio. You had the best time there! They brought you your food on a little train and you got to ride on a train just your size. You rang the train bell the whole way around. We hope with all of our heart that it was a special day for you. I can’t wait to make your red strawberry-raspberry cake tomorrow!

Sweet boy, you have filled our lives and hearts with joy for 4 years today. We thank God for knitting you together perfectly and placing you into our arms to hold. We adore you, Samuel Benjamin Thomas. Have sweet dreams tonight about trains and weekends in the country, red tractors and snuggling with giraffees. We can’t wait to kiss you tomorrow!


Mommy and Daddy

Samuel~ July 2005

Samuel~July 2009

Getting ready for a train ride!

Holding my precious birthday boy and monkey!
4 years old:)

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