Girlie Girl

I am a girlie girl. I have monkeys, er, boys. Boys who woke me up this morning shrieking (monkeys, see?) and throwing things in each other’s beds. I love boys. Hey, now. MY boys. I love having boys. They are totally foreign to me though. Boys are loud. I am not. Usually. Boys are stinky. I have never been stinky in my life. Boys are rambunctious. I play quietly. Boys like bugs. I hate bugs. Boys like boy things. I like girl things. What’s a girl to do in a boy’s world, I ask?!
I long for good girl company sometimes. Girl talk and spending more than 15.2 minutes in the store, taking 10 minutes to debate between the wicker basket or the blue container instead of grabbing the first available thing while I’m breaking up boy fights , giggling over silly things and just, well, just feeling like a girl! Sure I do my girlie things here, by myself, like pouring over cookbooks and finding great delight in recipes, making cards for people, scrapbooking, quilting (my never ending quilt that just may be finished in time for the boys to graduate from college), reading girlie books that cause my husband to make fun of me (I just may have taken 28 books out from the library yesterday…Hey, 13 were for the boys!) and other things.

But a girl, who grew up with 4 sisters and a girlie mom, just misses feeling like a girl sometimes. I’m just sayin’. I love things like crafts, dressing up, a clean house (someone else to do the cleaning perhaps?), cooking and baking, library books (cookbooks, craftsbooks, romance stories!), shopping (which I don’t recommend when you have no money) dreaming, reading magazines, romance, being a mommy and a whole host of other “girlie” things. And I’m not ashamed to admit it!

I’m a girlie girl livin’ in a boy’s world. But I wouldn’t change a thing.


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