Chickie Sayings and other things

See S’s new red big boy bike in the corner?!

My boys are really funny. Of course, maybe all moms think that! Here are a few chickie sayings to brighten up your Monday:)
Samuel: “Zakkai! How do you spell airplane?”
Zakkai, very confidently: “H-A-I!”
Zakkai: “Dat’s not my bellybutton! Dat’s a cherry!” Hmmm…
Samuel: “Mommy, come here!! Zakkai is getting me into trouble!” Good one, Samuel.
Daddy, looking at baseball online: “Oh, the Reds have off tonight.”
Samuel: “And the Blues have on!”

Zakkai, exclaiming excitedly, “Dere you are!!” to every stranger who walked through the door of our building:)


The boys and I had our first Ikea experience today! My friend recently acquired a minivan and invited us to join her and her little boy. What a cool store!! I saw so many things that I need desperately to make my life so much better. It’s a good thing I have no money:) Before I left Ben said, “Remember Heidi, we are poor.” As if I needed the reminder! Well, maybe a little one:)
Remember all those silly personal goals I had for this year? Things like: catch up on scrapbooking and finish my quilt? Going to the library totally ransacks my plans! When I get a new book in my hands, it’s so hard to do anything else. Have I mentioned that I love to read? Since Thursday, I have read 4 books. And that’s pretty slow for me! It’s not like I have other things to do like raising children, loving my husband, cleaning the house, having company over….oh wait. I may not have touched my scrapbooks and quilt this past week but I did make a jean skirt! It was really easy and fun. I’ve been looking for a short jean skirt for awhile but these days, a “short” jean skirt basically means tight skirt-like underwear. Not exactly the image I’m going for….

The 4th of July parade!

Zakkai’s face the entire parade:)

In other goals, I’ve been sticking to my workouts. Woohoo! I’m beginning to hate, er, strongly dislike Jillian Michaels. She is a tough cookie! But I’m also thankful because I can tell a difference in the way I feel and look. She isn’t kidding when she says she’s shredding you! I hope to be moving on to Workout 3 soon. Although, can I admit to you? I am slightly terrified….

I’m off to ruin my workout and eat some chocolate! Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Chickie Sayings and other things

  1. you make me laugh! I have several of them, even one from the 80s with some great hair and outfits:) My newest one is Jillian Michael's (Biggest Loser) “30 Day Shred.” 20 minute workouts but killers! I'd recommend it!


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