Not My Child Monday!

Welcome to “Not My Child Monday!” I have perfectly well behaved children…all the time! Promise! Well, er, then I’m not sure who’s child it was who threw an ear-piercing, stare-inducing, highly embarassing tantrum in the store today. Not mine! Nor is it my 2 year old who has suddenly developed a bad attitude and says in a mean little voice, “I do NOT want to be a nice boy!” Not my son!

And since my children are sweet little angels who love to share, just like any 2 and 4 year old would, it definitely wasn’t my son who refused to give some roller blades back to one of his best buddies (who happens to be well over 6 ft tall) because he thought he could take one home! And then proceeded to throw a 2 year old tantrum…..I have no idea who’s child that was!

It certainly wasn’t my 4 year old who cried out in the middle of the night because he’d wet the bed. And if it had been my child, which it wasn’t, I certainly wasn’t too bleary eyed to change the sheets so instead stripped the bed and laid a towel down for him to sleep on. It wasn’t us!

I’m so glad I have nothing to write about since my children are always little angels!


One thought on “Not My Child Monday!

  1. I loved its “Not my child stories” I also recognized the front porch your darling boys are having fun on. So fun to have you come home.


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