Weekend Wonders

We had a pretty nice family weekend. We took an excursion to our special family place: the zoo. It’s amazing how away from reality we feel. It’s really nice. Even though there are hundreds of other people there, hundreds of strollers and wagons, and shrieking children, we feel alone. In a good way. I will really miss this zoo when we leave.

Samuel getting a daddy-ride!

I like to call this one: “The Ball of Misery.” This is Z having a minor meltdown.

It’s all good now! Z with his coveted orange sucker:) Enjoying lunch at the picnic tables. He said his favorite animals of the day were the giraffes and elephant.

A cute little elephant bush!

Samuel and Zakkai watching the butterflies. We went to the Butterfly exhibit, which was my favorite part of the zoo!

This little guy, the Piper something or other, was one of my favorites! He landed on everyone who had white clothes on and took a free ride:)

I loved this shot of this beauty sitting on a Sunflower! Beautiful! I think butterflies are one of my favorite of God’s creations.

This Zebra striped butterfly landed on my bookbag and I had Ben grab a shot before it flew away!

Some other moments from our weekend:

Samuel sayings: “Mommy, I haven’t watched a movie in two years!” or Thursday, same thing:)
“Remember when I got sick a year ago and needed Gatoree?” I guess a week seems like a year to a child!
“It’s been years and years and years since I had some candy.” See a theme here?
“I don’t want to be nuffing (nothing) when I grow up! I am not going to do anyfing!” All I can picture is George on Seinfeld…Oh dear!
Zakkai nonsense: “Mommy is a man!” Umm….
“Dat (hiccup) makes (sob) me (sigh) SAD!!”
“I don’t want to go to the zoo! I want to go to the nuseum!” Well! Zakkai has spoken.
“Dat’s masty, mommy.” One of my favorite Zakkai words! Oh you don’t speak Zakkai? Masty=Nasty. Nuseum=Museum. Said with much influction and spit and a charming grin:)
Have a great day!

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