My new Hobby

I have a new silly hobby. Imagine that!

I like to collect glass bottles to use as vases. See standard boring vase above? I have no idea where that came from…but the red flowers are pretty:)

This is an old peanut butter jar. I still need to soak the label off but I like the jar! The peanut butter was good, too.
As I was browsing the Target dollar section (I know, me at Target?), I discovered these mini coke bottles! Aside from the fact that I despise Coke, I do love their bottles and thought this would make a lovely little vase. Now I just need to find someone to drink that Coke….

This is one of my favorites. It’s a little spice bottle. It used to have garlic powder in it and I had to soak it for about 3 days to get the smell out…

I discovered two of these little glass bottle vases during my first excursion to Ikea recently! How can you beat 79 cents?! A pretty little red flower to brighten up the living room. Of course, it would be better if the flower was real. But still…

And in other news: Samuel now speaks “Dr. Suess.” We always knew he would take after his daddy, who is quite gifted in learning/speaking other languages! We just never knew it would be….Dr. Suess.

“No fank you, Sam I Am!” or “I will not eat it in a truck or a car or in a train!” or “Fight all night and play all day!” (courtesy of “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Hop on Pop.”) Thank you, Dr. Suess. Your legacy lives on….He’s a whole lot cuter than you though. No offense.

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