Out of the Mouths of Babes…

( Someday I will have a nice camera and my pictures won’t look like they’re from 1980…..)

Every night we pray with the boys before they go to bed. Lately the boys have been asking to pray, too. Zakkai usually is the first to ask, followed by Samuel saying, “No, I want to pray!” Zakkai hems and haws, giggles, blushes, drools and just might say, “Dear Wor’ Jethuth.” I don’t think he’s gotten farther than that yet:)

Samuel, being the sophisticated big brother that he is, has a lot more to say. “Dear Ward Jesus, fank you for the wight so we can see and fank you for Thomas and fank you for the cupcakes we got at the party today and fank you for Baby Winnie (a friend’s new baby) and fank you that we’re all going na-night now and help us to sweep. A-MEN!” This is usually prayed with this eyes wide open staring at us (I can feel his eyes on me!), while rolling on the bed and contorting his body in the strangest way. Hey, whatever works!

I “fink” Jesus must smile to hear the simple yet beautiful words of thankfulness coming out of the mouths of babes. Don’t you?


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