Thrifty Mama!

The boys and I ventured to a local thrift store today called Unique. Mondays just happen to be half off day. EVERYTHING in the store is half off! With a brain like mine, who can remember on Mondays to go to the thrift store that happens to be extra thrifty that day? I’m still not sure how the thought of “thrifting” entered my cluttered mind and made it through. All I know is it did and I did! Look what I found!

One large basket, a nice pair of shoes that are incredibly comfortable, a game, 2 movies and 18 books for the grand total of $15!!! I am one smokin’ thrifty mama!

In other thrifty mama news: the boys and I are embarking on an alphabet journey. Each week for the next 26 weeks (that sounds really far way, doesn’t it?), we are learning about each letter of the alphabet. We will be doing crafty things, activities, eating alphabet treats and learning all at the same time! The boys are really excited about it. All the way to the thrift store today, we talked about words and what letters they start with and what we can do on various letter weeks.

A is the letter for this week. We will be doing activities such as “Shake ’em up apples” for snack, reading some “A” books, crafts, etc. I will post at the end of each week what our Alpha-week looked like! I’m really looking forward to doing different activities with the boys and having some learning goals for the week. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my children and making good use of our time together. If you have any ideas for the alphabet weeks, please let me know!!

This is thrifty mama signing off….


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