Book Review~ Toddler Bible

I recently joined a Publishers Book Review website where you get to recieve free books and review them on your blog and on consumer websites, such as The publisher is Tommy Nelson and the first book I chose to review was:

I was very pleased, upon opening up the package, to discover that this brightly colored bible is the perfect size and weight for little hands to carry! The bible, which I’ll review in a minute, comes with a Bonus DVD which features all of the Bible stories in the Bible. The characters are simple and entertaining and each story flows smoothly into the next. Zakkai, age 2, was enthralled with the rabbits that hop through many of the scenes. He found great delight in hunting for the “bunny rabbits!”

The Bible itself is perfectly written for toddlers, ages 1-3 years old. Z cannot sit as long as S during our reading times and usually gets distracted looking around the room or poking at our faces and trying to make us smile. Not with this Toddler Bible! He giggles at the phrases, which are geared towards capturing a toddler’s attention, loves all the pictures of the animals and asks tons of questions. In fact, we have seen his understanding of the Bible and Jesus grow since we have started reading this book! It has amazed us that this bundle of energy known as our youngest son, has fallen so completely in love with this book. At the end of each short story there is a little box for parents with a simple interactive conversation or activity to do with your children to reinforce the message of the story. I would highly recommend it as a gift for your young children and/or any other young toddlers that you know.

“God made all the animals-puppies, kitties, bears, and many, many more. God made man. “Hello, Adam.” Then God made woman. “Hello, Eve.” God was happy!” ~Toddler Bible


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