The Perfect Crime

In the early morning hours on Sunday, August 9th, a sultry day in Chicago, a crime was committed by two young residents. Their mother woke up to the sounds of laughter and shrieking and immediately had a foreboding feeling.
“I just knew,” she quotes, “that they were up to something and I reluctantly got up to investigate.” And investigate she did. She stalked towards the bedroom door with a sinking feeling in her stomach, afraid of what she would find behind the doors. She grasped the door knob and thrust open the door only to hear, “Zakkai did it!!” immediately upon entering.

This is what she saw:

A closer look at the documented crime scene reveals two full packs of wipes estimated at around 200 wipes and multiple diapers strewn around the bed.

The culprits were immediately apprehended. Their sentence? Some jailtime at the House of Hooligans.

Culprit #1: Samuel the Sly

Culprit #2: Zakkai the Ornery

The mother is happy to report that the pending charges have been dropped and peace has been restored in a quiet home, somewhere in Chicago.

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