B Week!!

Sorry I am so late in blogging about “B Week.” It has been such a Busy week! Haha.

B is for:
Painting with Baby Bottles

Z and his masterpiece! Painting B’s.

S painting his B’s

Having a lakeside picnic while looking for BOATS
But….we only saw one or two waaaaaay off in the distance. See?

My Baby

My Big Boy
B is for a Breakfast of Blueberry waffles with Banana faces (first I used raisins, then I used blueberries)

B is for Baryonyx dinosaur at the Brookfield Zoo!

Boys at the Zoo

B is for Brown Bear
and polar Bear

B is for Beach! We spent several hours down at the beach on Saturday and this is the result:

Here is our Alphabet wall! I forgot to take a pic of their B papers for their alphabet notebooks:)

B is also for balls, butterflies, bananas, birds, boys, bicycles, baths and Breakfast for Dinner!! Now I’m trying to think of ideas for C week which starts today! Any ideas??

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