Things I think about..

Here are some very (and I mean VERY) random thoughts and opinions that cross my mind (in no particular order):

  • Boys are very stinky (big and little)

  • Why, when you get a cut on your finger, does it always happen to be at the tip where it’s the most painful and where you rehit it over and over and over….? or is that just me?
  • Why does chocolate taste so darn good?!
  • Bugs are nasty and I don’t know why God created them. Especially the creepy crawly ones like the one that woke Ben up the other day..
  • There are a lot of good things about living where we do. Ex: Being able to walk 10-15 minutes down to the lake and hang out at the beach
  • Why are there only 2 seasons in Chicago? Summer just came like last week and I already hear people talking about winter coming in 2 months….sigh. I feel like I just put away our snowboots and hats! wait, maybe I just did….
  • Whoever invented Costco was pretty smart.
  • Whoever invented Chocolate candy and chocolate anything was just plain genius.
  • Why does our building have to shut off the water approx once a week during the summer? Don’t they know that it’s freaking hard to do anything when you don’t have water?! Especially when you have kids?!
  • Why is it that I could use a nap waaaaaay more than the boys could and yet I never get one? Where do they get that energy? Am I old already?

  • Why do my most profound thoughts occur in the middle of the night (like great blogging ideas) when I have no one to share them with? Ben certainly would not appreciate the brilliancy of my mind at that time! And why is half of my brain missing during the day when I need it the most (like when I’m sitting here blogging about absolutely nothing)?!”

I’m sure you are highly impressed by the inner workings of my extraordinary mind, aren’t you? Wait, don’t leave! If I promise not to spill my randomness out onto my blog again, will you come back? Please? Whew! Thanks!


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