The letter C

Still Rollin’ with the Alphabet and always open to ideas (hint, hint!)

C is for:

Counting cookies!! So thoughtfully and graciously donated by our favorite neighbor!

Watching the Cars movie with Samuel’s new friend:)

C is for Cat!

Making Cookies for our family!! Think Zakkai needs an apron?

Samuel working hard on his cookies!!

C is also for: books about Caps, Cats and Counting, Carrots, Crafts, Celebrating family, Cousins, Curious George, Cleaning-Up, Cute boys (mine, of course!) and Chocolate (who wouldn’t add that in there?)
Here we come letter D!!


3 thoughts on “The letter C

  1. The letter D must be coming up of course the Dog will be used how about dirt, dig, (myfavorite) is doughnut, doll, oh my mind went blank but I'll be thinking.


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