D Week!

Done with D Week! D is for:

Dogs for their alphabet notebooks! Pretty cute, eh?

Decorating wall art! (thank you, Michael’s! 40 cents each!)
“You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go DOWNTOWN, where all the lights are bright, DOWNTOWN…!” (you know you’re singin’ it now!)

Done eating lunch in Millenium Park:)

Delighting in a trip to the Lego Store!
Deliriously tired from downtown fun…

D is for Dinosaurs!! Dinos at the zoo, in the park, pretending to be dinos at home until mommy goes crazy…

D is for Daddy!!!

More buildings

Puppet Show
Heading home with the Thomas DUO (check out S’s crazy eyes!)

D is for Donuts!!!

Donuts to roll in Cinnamon-Sugar! Maybe not healthy but fun!

D is also for Drums, books about Dora the Explorer, Dinosaurs, Double Delight Counting, and Daisuke (a girl out of our children around the world book), Digging in the Dirt (too rainy to do ourselves but a movie about it sufficed:), Dogs, Auntie D, Dangerous and the Desert!

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