Spites, Kindles, Bees and other things

Oh goodness, I have so many reasons to smile each day, whether I want to or not! I just have to look into the adoring eyes of my faithful companion and husband, the sweet, tender blue-grey eyes of my firstborn or the bright blue, mischevious eyes of my baby boy. I’m a lucky, blessed woman!
Speaking of blue-eyed babes…Zakkai has been making up words lately and it’s hilarious because he is so serious about them! One evening we were eating dinner, pizza, I believe, and Z told me that his mouth hurt. He kept insisting that it was hurting and wouldn’t eat so I took a flashlight and peeked in and saw that he had a small cut on the inside of his cheek. Somehow, in my explanation of cut and bit his cheek, Zakkai came up with the word “spite.” He has had “spites” in several different places since then: his mouth, his sock, his foot….and it never gets any less funny!

Another thing that has been pestering him lately are “bees.” I’m not sure if he is feeling a funny sensation and that’s how he can describe it or what. The first I heard of these invisible “bees” was a couple of days ago when he insisted that he had bees in his bottom, this following a rather large dirty diaper. He has had bees in his leg, his arm and in his belly since:)

Then after his nap today when I carried him out of his room, he whimpered and told me that his leg “kindled.” I still have no clue what that means but I can see that life with this adventurous, talkative, descriptive little boy is going to be fun!
Off to bed now!


Lost in Translation

I noticed over these past few weeks, since we have experienced a lot of health fear, financial issues and exhaustion from busyness, that I have felt…kind of lost. I realized last week that I have felt really out of it and kind of detached from real life. It could be that I have really been into some great books lately(!) or just my mind’s way of coping with mental exhaustion.

So you can see why that, coupled with several social evenings last week, has affected my blogging lately. So, if anyone is reading anymore, if I haven’t been great about returning emails or phone calls, please don’t be upset, I am still here! Just picking putting back together the pieces and regrouping. Sometimes we have seasons like that.

We are doing well though. Eating lots of apples and adjusting to the sudden fall temperatures. I went on a walk with the boys before church yesterday and it was so relaxing, early in the morning, to be chatting about squirrels, the chilly air, the flowers, the falling leaves. Life is so simple for children. I envy that.
Speaking of children, I was thinking today about the fact that my children love me SO much in spite of myself. I mean, really, in spite of my impatience sometimes, or my busyness, or my lack of desire to get down and play trains again or not feeling myself…they still love me. They show it when they cry out for me when they get hurt and a quick kiss from me quickly erases pain and tears. Or when Samuel’s face crumples with sadness when I leave for a bit. Or when Zakkai climbs in my lap to have me read him stories over and over. The spontaneous hugs and touches. Their willingness to forgive and forget so quickly. Their bright laughter and sweet kisses.

I am so blessed to be loved.

Apple Picking 09

After hours of fiddling around, I finally was able to post a slideshow of apple picking yesterday! It was such a nice day! There was the threat of rain looming overhead so we were a bit worried but it turned out to be a lovely fall day. Not much sun but around a cool 70 degrees (my fav temperature!) and not very crowded. There were a couple school groups but they stayed in their own areas so we pretty much had our section of the orchard to ourselves!

The trees were so full of apples that the branches were hanging down to the ground. Large, juicy ripe apples just begging to be picked! We got two full bags of our favorite apples to be made into apple pies, apple pankcakes, apple muffins, applesauce, apple cake, apple….apple everything! And of course, a bunch for my boys (esp the big one) to munch on!

We took our time loading our bags and then grabbed a package of scrumptious heavenly doughnuts on our way to pay. Oh, those apple spice and pumpkiny pumpkin morsels of goodness! The smell of them….Oh goodness!

After gaining 5 pounds just from breathing in the heady scent of freshly baked doughnuts, we headed to the kid’s farm where we checked out all sorts of adorable baby animals and where Samuel took a “ride” on a huge red tractor:)

It was a fully satisfied family that pulled away from the County Line Orchard, already dreaming about next year!

Over the Hump

Two sweet boys reading together quiet, for once!

I don’t know about anyone else but this has been a loooooooo-oooooooong week so far! Could be the weather, could be that I’m awaiting test results (STILL), could be early winter caginess setting in (can that happen in September?), could be that we’re really looking forward to apple picking on Friday…..who knows!

All I know is that I’m thankful wednesday is almost over!!


Here’s a recipe I have been wanting to share:

Peachy Peach Bread (or Muffins)

2 c. flour

3/4 c. packed brown sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 can (15 1/4 oz) sliced peaches in natural juice

2 eggs

6 TB melted butter

1/2-1 tsp cinnamon


  1. In large mixing bowl, combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Drain peaches, reserving 1/4 cup juice (I always save slightly more). Finely chop 1 cup of the peaches; set aside.
  2. Place remaining peaches with reserved juice in food processor; add eggs and butter. Cover and process until smooth. Stir peach mixture into dry ingredients just until moistened. Add cinnamon. Fold in chopped peaches.
  3. Spoon batter into 2 greased 5 3/4in x 3in x 2in loaf pans or a muffin tin. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 min. for loaf pans and 18-20 for muffins. Cool 10 min before removing from pans. Can serve with peach preserves for added peachiness!

We love these flavorful muffins SO much! Hope you enjoy!

Photo Op!

A photo shoot of the Thomas boys:) Unprofessionally shot and presented by yours truly, with commentary!

“Samuel, come sit over here so mommy can take your picture. That’s it. Now say, ‘Cheese’!”

“Samuel, please stop sticking your tongue out. I want a nice picture. Please? Oh, Zakkai, you want to come over, too?”

“Samuel. Samuel, let Zakkai come up. And put your tongue away!”

“yeah….let’s try another one…”

“Put your arm around each other. Oh, that’s nice!”

“Look at the camera. The camera! Here, up here!” sigh.
“Samuel, be nice please!”

“Wait! Boys, please? Please! I just want a nice picture of the two of you!”

“Okay, now give each other a five!”

“Okay, well, you can try again..”
“Samuel, look, Zakkai is trying to give you a five!”

“Okay, boys. One more time. Last time, I promise!” No, my fingers aren’t crossed behind my back!

That’s more like it!


Good evening! Getting a late start tonight after a busy day but here is a look at our week of G’s!!

G is for: Samuel’s Art class with Ms G.! (no I didn’t make that up:)

Making these GREAT Granola Bars! (recipe at bottom)

Taking turns stirring

“Zakkai, you’re not doing it right!” says Samuel the boss

Pouring in already measured ingredients (GREAT way to cook with kids!)

Patting it down…These granola bars are so good!

G is for Getting Dressed!

Mowing the Grass
Spending time with our friend George whom Z called “Curious George”:)

The letter G made with “grapes!”
G is for Giraffe!
Books we read: “Goodnight Moon”, “World’s Greatest Grandma,” Gregory, the Terrible Eater”, “God Gave us You” and “Curious George Takes a Job.”
G is also for: grandmas, grapes, green, grass, gorillas, geese, girls (only one of those in our house:), Gordon the Express engine, green beans and good!
Stay tuned for a photo shoot with the boys:)

Ramblin’ Mind

Not too much to report, thankfully, after last week’s multiple dramas:) We’ve been visiting friends, going to Samuel’s Art class and are now enjoying the beginning of our first free weekend in over a month! We SO enjoyed having our families come visit us; so much so that Samuel recently said, “Mommy, I hope our three families will come see us again!” He also asked, when informed that today was Friday, who was coming to visit us:)
I am so enjoying the beginnings of fall weather. The coolness to the air, the first colored leaves fluttering to the ground, the thought of apple picking next week (you might remember this entry? those incredibly delicious mouth-watering doughnuts? I’m drooling.), smelling the inviting aroma of hot soup bubbling merrily on the stove or in the crockpot, the excitement of football games (well, the Buckeyes anyways!), ah….I could go on and on.

Too bad fall only lasts for about 3 weeks here. Sigh.
The other day I was carrying Zakkai to his room for naptime and he looked intently at me, poked my eyebrows with a wet finger and said, “Mommy, do you have owbrays?” Yes, Zakkai, I do have eyebrows:)
In other news, I am completely emersed and addicted to the Harry Potter books that my sister lent me. She warned me about the sleepless nights, the inability to concentrate on normal activities, the craving to read at odd hours of the day…..I didn’t believe her. I started the books last Tuesday after they left and now am over halfway through book 6. Let’s see…that’s about 3050 pages of reading while raising two children, running a household, being social, etc. I need help!

Speaking of Harry Potter…I’d love to write more but I have to…go to bed now! I just might read a chapter or two first….